Tales of Vacation, Near-Arrest, Good Times And Getting Back To Work In Kansas City

Kansas CityChris Lengquist is getting back to work on his real estate investment property business!  As an anxious nation awaited Chris to recharge his batteries the real estate market for investors in Kansas City came to a near stand still as children huddled in their houses for fear of incurring the wrath of angry adults outside.

“It was really time to get away” stated Chris as he was unpacking his bags late Sunday afternoon in his typical suburban, middle-class home.  “We had a great tripCharlotte, North Carolina continues to grow like a weed.  And their new light rail system could be a lesson to Kansas City.”  As the Olathe, Kansas resident continued the sun began to shine again in this Kansas City suburb.  Chris expounded further,  “Southern Maryland is as beautiful as ever.  Wading out knee deep into the Chesapeake Bay was a big thrill for the kids.  Except for the one that got pinched by a blue crab.  That wasn’t too popular.

“And DC.  What can I say.  It changes and it stays the same.  I hadn’t ever seen the WWII Memorial.  It just seems that no memorial can symbolize the magnitude of that war.  The sacrafices.  The atrocities.  The necessity of that war. 

Baltimore provided more thrills for the kids as we toured the National Aquarium and ended up watching the fireworks over the Inner Harbor.  Though their police department is run by bumbling fools…”  an obvious reference to the fact that Chris and hundreds of others were detained after the fireworks because of a bunch of hooligans report-ably 6 blocks away!!!!  Chris was reported as questioning the officer in charge of his block “So you’re holding us because of a bunch of young, uneducated thugs are nearly a quarter of a mile away?”  Witnesses say the officer then threatened to arrest Chris unless he returned to his car.  Chris then allegedly asked the officer if he didn’t see the irony in threatening arrest of a innocent bystander trying to go on the night the nation was celebrating freedom

When the police officer walked towards Chris he decided the officer wasn’t really in the mood to discuss our nation’s history and returned to his car. 

But alas, the trip was a great one.  Save the 45 minutes of stupidity by the Baltimore City Police there was really nothing much to complain about and a whole lot of reasons to feel refreshed and ready to go. Thank you to the many people that contacted Chris by emails and comments and phone messages while he was away.  He wants you to know he’ll be in touch today…or at the latest, tomorrow.


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2 responses to “Tales of Vacation, Near-Arrest, Good Times And Getting Back To Work In Kansas City

  1. Black Dog

    The Baltimore City Police Department is a very treacherous greedy corrupt organization.

  2. Again, your mouth was a problem. But, I love you anyway. Welcome Back!

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