Kansas City Area Property Tax Valuations

The Kansas City Star has put together all of the metropolitan area county government’s tax appraisal sites into one handy little web page.  Simply click on Property Tax Valuation and follow the link to your county. 

I checked a few of my properties and was quite please, from a homeowner standpoint, that the property tax valuations had dropped a little for my homes in Olathe.  Now, if I were selling I wouldn’t be thrilled!  Funny thing is that I think my personal home is actually worth every penny and more of last year’s tax valuation.  This year’s dropped.  It’s an imperfect science for the county and I realize that.  So I’m not too worked up about it!



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3 responses to “Kansas City Area Property Tax Valuations

  1. Taxes have killed Orlando!

  2. Virgil F> Peterson

    When will property tax bill for 2009, be sent out?

  3. You should receive not too long from now since they are due December 15 in JoCo.

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