Why Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent? (Follow Up)

I’m writing today as to why you should hire a professional real estate agent as a follow up to yesterday’s post.  I had a phone call and a couple of emails telling me all the reasons why hiring a real estate agent may not have helped. 

Listen, I’m not trying to insult anyone.  And I am not perfect.  Just ask my kids and wife.  And yes, there are certain items/situations that no man, woman or child can forsee.  However, you really need to hire a PROFESSIONAL REAL ESTATE AGENT WHEN BUYING OR SELLING REAL ESTATE!!!!  Period. 

Not a housewife that works part time.  Not a guy that “works it in” at lunch.  I’m talking about an honest to goodness real estate agent that goes to trainings above and beyond the required continuing education.  A real estate agent that knows the area or classification of house you are looking at.  Etc.

Not to brag, but I’ve only had to testify one time during my real estate career.  It was back in 2004 and it was for an investment client I represented on the sell side.  He was an out-of-stater.  I’m not going to go into the details, but when his attorney called me to the stand I had written notes and photos of the issues in question and documentation that the buyer was fully aware.  Slam dunk.  Buyer loses and gets to pay all the costs of his attorney and the court. 

Want to tell me again how you saved money on your last FSBO buy or sell?  Fine.  Just know that liability comes with it.  So does lack of insider knowledge and many other factors.  Sure, experienced guys like Christopher Smith can do transactions on their own.  But if you are a buyer or seller once every 5-12 years or you are a first time home buyer I would strongly urge you to hire professional real estate help.  At the very least you know where I stand. 


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4 responses to “Why Hire A Professional Real Estate Agent? (Follow Up)

  1. Go, go, go. I couldn’t help but cheer for you!

    You are absolutely correct. I always tell my customers that as the buyer, they get all my experience, time, effort, and loyalty essentially for free as I am paid by the seller.

  2. Thank you. What is funny to me is that people are buying the largest item they’ll ever buy and think they should do this without counsel.

    Yet, should they decide to purchase $1,000 in stocks they’ll seek out all the knowledge they can.

    No doubt there are those qualified to act on their own because of previous life experiences. But most people are not. And you need to know which group you belong to.

  3. realtors know the deal!

  4. I agree with you. We usually botch it up ourselves!

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