The Nerve Of Some People…

I had to laugh out loud yesterday as I was reading through Trulia Voices.  Seems someone had purchased a home FSBO because they wanted to “save the commissions.”  Ah, I’m not even going to discuss that the seller was selling FSBO because they wanted to “save the commissions.”  (So who saved?)

Anyway, now that the FSBO Buyer had moved in they found a bunch of stuff that was wrong.  Really?  I’m shocked!  They say they had an inspection.  Who inspected?  I don’t know.  Are they an ASHI inspector?  Or a brother-in-law?  Who recommended?  They also say that none of the items they were now having problems with were disclosed.  Oh, and there were some new developments between when they had the home inspected and after closing.  (Do you think a pre-closing walk-through may have turned some of this up?)

Well, the nerve comes in (at least in my opinion) where they are asking REALTORs on this board what they should do.  As kindly as I could I stated that since they “saved money” on professional counsel during the buying process that they would now have money for the legal process. 

Let me say here that I do not know these poor, unfortunate buyers.  And I am NOT gloating in their misfortune.  But people, this is one reason you need a professional REALTOR on your side.  Not just any real estate agent but one that knows his/her stuff and comes recommended.  You are about to invest upwards of 35% of your monthly income into something.  Don’t you think it would be good to have some help with this very large purchase???!!!???


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4 responses to “The Nerve Of Some People…

  1. It gets uglier when they invest on their own. The stories I could tell.

  2. Don’t I know it. Then I’m supposed to waive a magic wand and get some other schmo to overpay for it.

    I do NOT gloat when people make mistakes. Rather I try to be honest with them. And at the very least make sure it never happens again!

  3. Well said. It reminds me of that commercial with the guy on the phone with his doctor getting ready to operate on his own appendix.

    Stepping over dollars to pick up dimes. By the time you factor in extended holding costs, do it yourself marketing, unforseen closing contingencies, are you really saving anything?

    It comes down to, as you said, hiring a professional to represent your best interests. Alot of negativity out there towards “Realtors”, some justitifed. You need to find a full time pro.


  4. Nobody thinks a pilot is worth all that money either. Well, at least until an engine quits at 35,000′.

    Thanks Brent.

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