Time Off In Olathe, Kansas

lemonade in olatheFor the past few days I have not published any posts.  As I sit here in Olathe, exhausted and still thirsty I realized I’ve done more manual labor in the last 72 hours than I’ve done cumulatively over the last 12 months.  I’m such a REALTOR.

You see I’m pulling down a 5′ privacy fence that is well worn and putting up a new, open picket fence and pushing that out to the actual property lines.  It’s gonna be really cool.   But I don’t have a teenager’s body any more and right now I’m sore.  Oh well.

But here are some things I’ve read over the weekend that caught my attention.  See what you think.  I’ll go grab another lemonade.

101 Ways to Know if You’re a Real Estate Investor…by Joshua Dorkin

Investment Returns: It’s Always Relative…by Scott Burns

If It’s Such A Great Investment Property Why Are You Selling?…Athol Kay

Oh, and I just got through buying my tickets for the family to the Baltimore Aquarium.  I haven’t been there in nearly ten years…and I can’t wait to go back while we are on vacation at the end of this month going between Charlotte, Washington and Baltimore.  Talk to you tomorrow. 


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3 responses to “Time Off In Olathe, Kansas

  1. Thanks for sharing our “You Know You’re a Real Estate Investor When . . .” post, Chris! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    BTW – That lemonade has me drooling here in the Denver heat!

  2. Thanks for the link love Chris.

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