It’s My Investment Property And I Say No Pit Bulls…Period

Pit Bull AttackHad a call from a neighbor the other day telling me that a tenant in one of my investment properties had a newly acquired pit bull.  First, my lease says no dogs without my approval.  Second my lease says specifically no dangerous breeds and that landlord gets to decide what is dangerous. 

I deem pit bulls to be a dangerous dog.  I’m sure pit bull lovers will eventually find this post and give me all their reasons they are just misunderstood.  Can some one tell me one other breed of dog as vicious as the pit bull?  Just one.  Sorry, but the ongoing debate is just silly to me.  These dogs were bred to be vicious and to kill.  It makes me sick to my stomach when I hear of yet another innocent person being attacked by them.  There is story after story.

The tenant was given 24 hours to get the pit bull out of my investment property here in the Kansas City area or eviction would begin immediately.  No ifs, ands or buts.  I don’t want the liability or the responsibility or the guilty conscious if something were to ever happen.  Hell, these dogs turn on their own owners sometimes. 


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56 responses to “It’s My Investment Property And I Say No Pit Bulls…Period

  1. Another Investor

    I have worked with a lot of pit bulls because I used to volunteer at a local shelter and I now volunteer with an animal rescue group. Some of them are very nice dogs with great temperments.

    That being said, I do not allow large breed dogs that have a reputation for aggression in my properties. No exceptions. No rottweilers, doberman pinschers, or pit bulls are allowed. Neither are German Shepherds, because of the poor breeding practices of many breeders. If you check your insurance policy, you may find you are not covered for the problems these dogs can cause. Review your insurance policy and amend your pet policy and lease document accordingly.

    If you own one of these dogs yourself, you should review your homeowner’s policy and talk to your insurance agent, as you may not be covered. Many people don’t find this out until it is too late. I hate to see more good dogs end up at shelters, but it is important for property owners to understand this and to make informed decisions.

    • Jean

      pitbulls are not bad dogs AT ALL they are nice, loving, kind, and cuddly. It all depends on how you treat them i have two full blooded pitbulls and they are going to be 1 year old in december they are all nice to everything and everyone it all depends on how you treat them if you treat them bad they will treat you and everyone else bad but if you treat them good then they will treat everyone else the same way. Pitbulls aren’t bad dogs at all they good. I know alot of people have there own opinions but they are not bad dogs trust me like i said i have to and they are good as gold it just depends on how you treat them.


      I would like to say that this is just a ridiculous post. “Name a dog that is as vicious as a Pitbull”. Pitbulls are not “vicious” NOR WERE THEY BRED TO FIGHT!!!! I wish that people would maybe open a book or something before people talk so negative about something they know NOTHING about. Here are a few links (if you even care to look at them) that show of dog bites from many “non-vicious” (as you would probably say) dog breeds. IT IS NOT THE BREED!! IT IS THE OWNER!!! Choose the people that will be living in your property wiser and you wont have any problems. Poor Pitbulls just get such a bad name because they are so powerful and PLEASE THEIR OWNERS. Which is why they are able to be made into fighting dogs. I have worked with dogs for a long time now, not to mention all of the dogs that I have owned. I would trust my daughter with my three Pitbulls over a Chihuahua ANY day. Please, pick up a book. Any breed book will say that Pitbulls make EXCELENT family dogs… they can take a lot. I am so sorry for your pure ignorance on the breed. Your loss.

  2. This seems like one of those things that people probably wouldn’t think about specifically when putting together a lease contract. I would have definitely considered having a clause concerning dogs, due to damage that they could cause, etc., but probably wouldn’t have thought about the liability of a vicious dog. It’s good to have clauses in there such as requiring approval by the landlord so that whatever circumstance comes up, it’s your call.

  3. Let’s be clear. I am a dog owner and consider myself a dog person. But I draw the line on Pit Bulls.

    I meet all animals that I allow. If they don’t like me, it’s a “no go.” As I said, I’m very comfortable around large dogs and as any dog owner knows these dogs are smart and will not hide their true feelings.

    • leandra

      “If they don’t like me it’s a “no go”.

      So you are saying that if a little tea cup yorkie doesnt like you than it’s a “no go”. You must lose alot of business that way.

    • bobby

      wow you are an idiot !

    • Chris If A dog does not like you it is for a reason. Dogs can tell when a person is a good or bad person dogs are very smart about people. If a dog does not like you its beacause you did something bad. Belive it or not but all dogs are the same just pitbulls get ther rep because they are the strongest breed of dog i have a pit name sadie she is an American red nose bull terrier she is very sweet

    • You are just a lonely Gay Fag that wants to look smart so you say stuff that is not true you are stupid and ignorant.

  4. Lucresia

    I understand the concern of any animal being around and never knowing what might happen. I have a friend that there 2 month old baby was attacked by a ferret. There are many dogs that have aggression issues and attack certain people. Maybe you should watch Dog Whisperer or Its me or the Dog to completely understand where a dog is coming from. Because they are just that a dog. They should not be distinguished with breeds just as people should not be distinguished as race.

  5. ally

    any animal can be mean if they are trained that way. u need to open up your eyes and realise that its the owners of the animals that cause them to be that way. i have a pit bull and she is great around kids and my cat. did you ever stop to think that some animals attack because there are kids who provoke them like that?

  6. Will

    All you people who do not like or diprove of pitbulls are are completley stupid. Not all pitbulls are “KILLERS” or even mean. Its all how they are raised. All Breads of dogs attack people or other animals but we dont discriminate against them.

    • This breed of dog is being treeted how the black people wher when they wher slaves even worse we are being racist to the pit bull now i am only 14 but i know pits and i know them well i love my pitbull her name is sadie i cry when i see people say thing about pits like this i am on a quest to give pits ther true name back join me If you belive that pitbulls are treated unfarley

  7. Great. I’ll remain “stupid.” When I’m renting a property do you think I should do a multi-month interview of the dog? Do you think I should break local laws? (Depending on the house.)

    No. I’m just not going to take that chance. Just like I won’t take a chance if a potential tenant has a recent eviction on their credit report. Odds are odds. And like it or not pit bulls have better odds of attacking people than Yorkies or Labs.

    • Brittney

      Before you make a statement such as pit bulls have better odds of attacking people than yorkies or labs you should probably do a little checking because it is a FACT that that statement is untrue. The National Humane Soceity, the ASPCA, the AKC, and many other reputable national organizations rely on the facts supplied by the National Temperament Test Soceity. This society tests the reactivity levels of various breeds by random selection of dogs of each breed. They test their reactivity to strangers, cyclists, children, loud noises, etc. On this test, the THREE breeds that people refer to as pit bulls all scored better than the majority of small dogs and most “family” breeds too. The official report says that small dogs such as yorkies, chihuahuas, jack russell terriers, bulldogs, golden retrievers, shepherds, huskies and many more breeds are all more likely to attack than one of the pit bull breeds. If you want to twist the facts around in your own head please feel free to do so but please do not spread lies and slander when the truth is so easy to find.

  8. abigail

    I think pitbulls should be allowed because all pitbulls are not the same plus it is your fault for not taking care of your child.Iam just soo mad sum people are against these dogs because they just make no sence. Yall just need to stop making them mad because pitbulls just dont attak for no reason. I have 4 pitbulls nand they are very frendly but if you do something to make them mad they will attak you. Well thats all i got 2 say and my final word is:WE SHOULD ALLOW PITBULLS.

    • linda

      i agree with abigail i have a pit and he is very sweet to evryone when we take him on walks…..but once he is on our property he is VERY protective and wont let ANYONE near us. but even saying that he has never attacted some1. and it gets me so mad when i tell people i have a pit and they look at me like im crazy! i wouldnt trust my life with any dog but a pitbull!!! PITS R AWESOME

  9. It’s okay to disagree with me and have an intelligent conversation. Abigail obviously doesn’t agree, stated her case and her comment will be left. However, I just had to remove a comment that was both vulgar and I believe a personal threat to me and my property. Not too sure how that helps to make the case, but oh, well. It’s removed.

    The thing is landlords can choose or not to choose to rent to someone with an animal. But if the animal is illegal within a certain jurisdiction then it’s definitely not going to happen. Just the way it is.

    • kyle

      you are a retard. if you havent owned a pit bull then dont sit there and talk bs on them. i have one and hes never bit anyone and hes been provoked.

  10. leandra

    I would have to say that chris is ill informed.

    Pit bulls were first developed to combine the drive of a terrier with the strength and athleticism of a bulldog. These “bull and terrier” dogs were the predecessors to modern pit bulls. Today, pit bulls excel as everyday family dogs, and many serve in police work, search-and-rescue, and therapy work in schools and nursing homes. Their high energy level and muscular build makes them ideal match for canine sports such as agility and weight pulling.

    The United Kennel Club defines the standard american pit bull terrier temperament as follows:

    The essential characteristics of the american pit bull terrier are strength, confidence, and zest for life. This breed is eager to please and brimming over with enthusiasm. American pit bull terriers

  11. linda

    1.pitbulls do not turn on their owners.
    2.have u seen what some people do to pits? hell i would be pretty pist off too.
    3.the news only shows the “bad” reports (which really means nothing cause they dont give the full details,they olny give what people want to hear which is pits r bad pits arnt good and all that crap,when in real life it might have been the owners fault or maybe the human who get attact fault.)
    4. ther r many pitbull stories(the GOOD ones) that the news reporters dont tell….. like weela or weezie or popsicle or norton or stubby….bet u have never heard of those pits.
    5. pitbulls would surely DIE to protect their owners.
    6.when it comes to pits the “monsters” r usually the two legged animal.
    7. before people started using pits in dog fights they wher known as americas favorite dog breed. and just about EVERYBODY had one.
    8.pitbulls wher also used in ww1 and as police dogs and much more…..until they got their “bad reputation” which in truth isnt a bad rep at all…..its just some careless “owners” who use them for dog fighting.
    8.if pits really did turn on their owners then NOBODY would have one…..but obveously people do so that must not be true.
    9.have u ever had a pit? no….well then ther is ur problem. u cant just judge pits on what others say go get one and then we will see what u have to say.
    10. i garentee ther is A LOT more “good” pits then ther r “bad” pits.
    11.i am a VERY proud pitbull owner……and i KNOW that my little buddah would surely DIE for me!

    • Linda I love your passion for pitt bulls and i am only 14 and you are correct on every thing you said i have a pit named sadie she is so sweet.

    • Turkey

      1) Pit bulls Do turn on their owners – look up Tina Marie Canterbury of Middleburg, FL and her two neutered pit bulls properly raised from puppies.
      2) While many pit bulls are treated well, like the ones mentioned above, all racing greyhounds are subjected to things pit bull owners claim cause dogs to become aggressive. Greyhounds are one of the most gentle breed of dog.
      3) There is positive news about pits and it is chronicled on many pro-pit web sites. Pit attacks are common; when other dogs attack and kill, now that’s news.
      4) There are many good stories about other breeds that don’t make the news either – a dog acting as it should is not news.
      5) Pit bulls are not supposed to be used as guard or attack dogs, and some have killed their owners.
      6) Monsters certainly did create fighting dogs, but a good owner can do everything right and still get an aggressive pit bull. That’s why rescues suggest having a breakstick to pry a pit’s mouth open in case it latches on to anything – other dog breeds don’t require breaksticks as part of pwnership.
      7) Pit bulls were never America’s favorite dog – they were imported as fighters and literature on dogs from the time period said they were dangerous and not fit to be pets – research will confirm this
      8) Pit bulls are not used by the military and rarely used by police as they are too unpredictable and too aggressive – they have been banned from many military bases as a safety issue.
      the other #8) pits have turned on their owners. Pit owners refuse to believe reality because of their love for their own dog. The refuse to acknowledge gentic dog aggression, which puts all other pet owners at risk. Perhaps if pit bull OWNERS were more educated and rational we wouldn’t need laws and policies to restrict their dogs.
      9) Having the entire world adopt a pit bull is not a solution. Pit bulls should not be owned by everyone, hence the issues we have now. You don’t need to own a pit bull to be educated about them, likewise owning a pit bull does not mean you are educated about them.
      10) Good or bad is really not the issue. A very aggressive pit bull is safe in the hands of an owner that understands the breed and its traits. The average pit bull owner is not prepared for sudden aggressiveness when their pit bull matures because they have not been properly educated. Not all pits will show aggression, but we can’t tell by looking at them.
      11) Please, please educate yourself on your dog so that it doesn’t become a statisitc.

  12. Melissa

    U all are very uneducated on the topic. It is not a matter of openion any more. There are facts that can not be argued with either way that u all are forgetting or not realizing. It is not a my openion is………. u can not argue straight facts such as 2+2=4 u can not change it no matter how hard u try because that is an undebatable fact. Think some more every one with an open mind k about the whys and good logical and educated points of both sides. Close but no cigar.

  13. Melissa

    animals are animals and have natural instincts that u can not change no matter how much u want to try to domesticate them. They are not robots and have a mind of their own and do at times misinterpret situations and freak for dumb reasom and over react just as people do. U can take the girl out of the city but not the city out of the girl is kinda whats its like. Breed has nothing to do with it what so ever and RECENT studies have scientifically proven that as a fact and not theory. Its the same as say a black is mentally different than a white. Bullshit!! Pits are just considered more dangerous because they are capible of doin more damage when and or if they do attack or defend themselves. Just like a 250 pound buff weight lifter would be deemed as more dangerous than some 130 pound computer geek or something. So if ur going to ban dogs then i would ban large dogs because they are all capable of causing major injuries. Small dogs are least likely to do much if any harm on account that they are small. DUH!!!!!!!

  14. Melissa

    Stupid ignorant people irritate me!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Stupid people anoy me to and i am very educated on this subject pits are not bad dogs pits owners are bad people. I was Wondering if you want to join me on my quest to save and give pitbulls ther true name back to them when i see coments like this it makes me cry and im 14 but i am on a quest to give pitbulls ther true name back to them

      • Turkey

        Daniel, you have a lot to learn. Please read some books on the history of pit bulls and what they were bred for.

      • Brittney

        Turkey, please take your own advice. Your “facts” listed above are disproved on multiple websites including the National Humane Society’s page, the ASPCA’s page and the AKC’s page. As for books, well multiple books disprove your “facts” as well. Please look up Sergeant Stubby and Shaka the Police Dog. You might learn some new facts in doing so.

  15. KELLIE

    Me and my 3 year old daughter were out playing one day and my neighbor walked over to talk to me. My daughter was sitting playing by a flower bed, next thing we see my blue pit gator who had not been laying far from her jumps up and runs to her and starts trying to drag her off by her arm, my daughter is screaming and my neighbor starts yelling he’s trying to kill her (of course). I knew that as not the case but I will say I was scared and confused,so I yell Gator let her go what do you think your doing(I was on my way to them,keep in mind this was all happening at once) As soon as he looked at me I knew something was awfully wrong he looked at me as if to say help me, I get to them and grab my daughter and as soon as I do Gator jumps between us and the flower bed now barking like he is ready to kill I look down to see a rattle snake curled up ready to strike,I get back to a safe distance trying to call Gator off but the sanke struck and got him below his left eye, we almost lost him but if it hadn’t of been for him I’d of lost my daughter! As for my daughter he drug her backward without even puncture wounds in her arm,I would like to say I am very sorry to anyone who as ever been hurt by a pit(or any kind of dog!!) I just wanted to share a good story about the animals cause you never see them on the news or read them in the paper(I know cause I told the story to my paper guess what?? they never put it in! My Daughter is now 12 and I thank god for her every night but I also thank my big blue baby Gator every night!!

  16. Audrey Leann McRoy

    NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!i use to have a pity untill my step mom put her done for nothing and i got her for my b- day !!!!!! SHE WAS A NICE PITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and know your making poeple sad about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!!! just thinking about you poeple make me sad!!!!!!!!!! i just wish i could pet her one more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • audrey i can back you up on that im am only 14 but i know alot about pits KELLIE is rong about what she said. Pitt bulls are not agresive unless they are tought to be by there owner or there mother. Your neighbor was the one who attacked your three year old doughter. That could have been any dog that did that

  17. Russ Emery

    Well there are bad owners and bad dogs but there just arent bad breeds. Ive owned and bred pit bulls and my walker coon hound was the one to put a tooth in one of my kids now I have a Rott Shepard mix and a Shepard and we have to watch our poodle Schnauzer mix around the kids, go figure. its foolish in my opinion to blame an entire breed on a few bad eggs and honestly there are a lot more fake pits out there committing crimes than real ones

  18. i hate pit bulls. they should all be banned and killed they r agressive people say they r friendly no there not they r killers

    • So Apryl You are ignorant And stupid if you truly belive that. I canot tell you to not hate pitt bulls But i can tell you that you are rong they are killers when thay are bread to be ther is no such thing as a mean dog just a mean owner. And any dog can be a killer. so when you say all pitbulls should all be killed you are saying all dogs should be killed. Its is Horrible Disgusting people like you that make pitbulls sound so horrible. I have a pitbull her name is sadie she is so sweet. You would love her. If you are scared of her she will try to love you and help you understand that they are sweet. If you threaten a pitbull in any way they will still love you they wher actually voted most loyel dog of the year. but is is sick shit minded people like you.

  19. Thudnsam

    Dobermans are just as vicious. Pitt Bulls are actually very nice dogs. They protect their owners with their own lives, but no-one ever hears about it because the media doesn’t want people to think they’re a good breed.

  20. Hi i am daniel im am only 14. Im am starting a fight to save pitbulls. Now im am going to state what i belive hapend and why. I belive that boy was attacked for two reasons “Ignorance and stupidity”. My Father one told me “There is no such thing as a bad dog but only a bad owner”. And also i have learned that there really is no such thing as a naturally mean dog but when a dog is trained to fight and that dog has puppys it will teach its puppys to fight. Now that boy was not attacked by the pitbull but the owner.

  21. Jose

    Case and point! In today’s news a Pregnant San Francisco woman killed by pit bull. Not just any pit bull… Her OWN dog mauled and killed her and her unborn child. Good decision to keep them out of your property.

    • Brittney

      Over half of reported “pit bull” attacks are actually commited by dogs incorrectly identified as pit bulls. Over 90% of people polled could not identify the true pitbull out of a lineup of dogs. On top of that, it is a proven fact that the media prefers to print pit bull attacks over other dog breeds because pit bull attacks sell more news (which in turn makes it look like there are more attacks then there really are- the HSUS, ASPCA, and CDC all confirm that there is no bite record system in place and that pits do not bite/attack as often as the media makes it appear and that of those media reported attacks, most are not pits at all but an incorrectly labled dog.) In some areas of the country, labs and other retrievers have been banned because of the number of attacks they have been involved in. Some insurance companies are wisening up to the facts as well and have started listing some small dogs as uninsurable breeds due to their aggressive natures.

  22. Rachel Shore

    OK here are the FACTS! This came from The American Temperament Society Test, Pit Bull passed with a 84.1! In-fact the average for all the pit-bull type dogs was a 86.2! Want to hear some of the popular “family pets that scored less? Hear are just a few, Australian Shepard 80.7 , Golden Retriever 83.8, Cocker Spaniel 81.7, Collie 79.2, Sheltie 67.3! So what is safe? I take my chances with my 14 pit-bulls! To be honest with you should do your homework before running your mouth! I only listed large dogs that scored under pits but look it up you will be shocked what dogs are not safe. If any other dog attacks other than a pit or rottie, or dobbie, it never makes the news! My kid got bit bad en-off to draw blood and permanently scare him from a Yorkie and no one seemed to care!

  23. Jess P

    This article makes you sound very ignorant. Clearly you have never known the love of a pit bull 🙂

  24. ñaño

    the pitbull fucking moron are not you biciosos or kill people and their thoughts are filthy, murderous hatred if it looks like the pit bull statistics is the least disgusting pig agresibo

  25. karen

    I think the point here is that as an investor renting out our home, we don’t know what kind of person we are renting to. Are they a responsible dog owner or not? Have they trained their Pitbull to be a loving family member or a fighter? It’s about protecting our assets. A pitbull can damage a home or injure someone far greater than a chihuahua could, if raised and trained by an irresponsible person. Most homeowners policies will not insure Pitbulls.

  26. a god dam german sherped is dangerus

  27. Laura

    Pit bulls at not at fault. It is how you raise them! All dogs can turn on anyone no matter what breed and size! Seriously lady u need to go redo your homework on this because you failed! It is unfortunate that there are bad encounters with pitbulls. There can be bad encounters with any and all dogs.

  28. Laura

    Any dog can be dangerous whether it is small or large! It is all in how u raise any animal! Get ur head out of ur ass and smell the roses and stop discriminating against pitbulls!

  29. Beverly Odierno

    All dog’s can be aggressive, doesn’t matter the breed. I use to feel the same way about rotties and pits. Went to a shelter to get a small dog because of grandkids they had a dog in the cage that was a rottie. They said she was unadaptable because she was raised on a concrete slab and chained all her life. So knowing me I sit down next to her cage and don’t say a word. For about ten minutes she just lays there and then comes to the cage and starts licking my hand. The center said they had never seen her do that and were scared of her. So they let me in and I sit down and the big lug got in my lap and went to sleep. I adopted her that day as she was headed for the kill site. She taught all my grand babies how to walk and never once bite one or growled at them. After having her for ten years had to put her down because of old age and couldn’t get up anymore.

    Dog’s are what you make them and how you treat them from large to small. I have worked for rental companies and I understand there policy and abid by them as well as a tenant should.

    But education is a plus if you are going to be an animal owner.


  31. LA

    I say you’re an idiot, period.

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