Continuing Education For The Professional Real Estate Agent

Kansas City for leaseContinuing education for the professional real estate agent can be a blessing and a curse.  As a consumer you want your real estate agent to be up to date on the latest rules, regulations, laws and techniques for helping people to buy or sell real estate.  Sadly, most continuing education classes offered leave a lot to be desired as they are geared towards the newer agent.

Today, however, I attended a Commercial Leasing class put on by the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors.  It was a very good class.  The best part for me was being able to network and learn from some of the commercial agents in the room.  A lot of the class was review. But there were more than few “ah ha’s” that came as a result of listening to differing ideas and techniques used by the commercial boys.  (Oh, and girls.) 

We all have professions where we constantly strive to improve ourselves.  It is my continuing hope that I can bring more and more commercial real estate values and principals to the residential side of real estate.  It makes a huge difference in allowing me to help the Kansas City real estate investor maximize their investments. 

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  1. In this market continuing education in area such as short sales can be very beneficial. Many agents that aren’t familiar with discounting mortgages are missing out on many potential listings.
    Jonathan Christopher of Short Sale Way

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