Real Estate, Beer & Shrimp

Memorial Day weekend brings a lot of activity for the Lengquist house.  Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean I get to take today or much of Saturday off.  But Sunday, ah, Sunday.  Church will be followed by going over to my best friend’s house.

Doug (my bfl) has a heated pool (that the kids love) and makes the best darned grilled (not barbeque’d, Jeff) shrimp I’ve ever tasted.  And of course, there will be adult beverages to help kick off the summer.

But I don’t want to forget those for which Memorial Day was set aside.  Veterans, yes.  But also those that stayed behind and kept the country going.  The Greatest Generation.  Our Founding Fathers.  For each of us I’m sure there is someone worthy of you taking a few minutes and giving thanks. 

I’m of the X Generation.  We’ve had a fairly “easy” life.  Our standard of living is a little lower than previous generations.  But no Great Depression.  No WWI or WWII.  No hyper-inflation.  Widespread disease is virtually non-exsistent for Americans. 

So to those that made my lifetime as comfortable as it is, I say “Thank you.”


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6 responses to “Real Estate, Beer & Shrimp

  1. Gee, I guess ‘kick off the summer’ means you’ve taken your parka off for good this year? 🙂

  2. Not necessarily…as anyone from around here would tell you…

  3. Great post !
    Generally it is very intresting kind of investment, but I think that real estate is loosing it’s price too much.
    I own a site with database of prices for Moscow real estate and from the begining of this year it wasn’t grew….
    Anyway american real estate is more stabil in this case.

  4. Ah Chris, this title caught my attention. Made me wanna come over and share in the festivities (as if I’d be invited anyway..)

    We’re hosting a bbq of our own out here in CA so let’s hope the weather clears up first. And till then, enjoy!

  5. Alex – According to the US Gov we were one of the very few metro areas that had positive growth. Kansas was about 2.7% and Missouri about 1.3%.

    Richard – Come to KC and I’ll buy you a beer & BBQ here in town that will curl your toes.

  6. Well said Chris. Yes, we Gen Xers are livin’ the dream. It’s time we pull out the thank-you cards, leave a little extra tip at Denny’s and thank the generations that came before us for all their service and taking us out behind the wood shed when we strayed off course.

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