Phoenix Real Estate Getaway

Real estate investing and personal points from my time in Phoenix…

…I had dinner with agents from all over the country on Sunday evening.  It’s always fun to speak to the ones from the Los Angeles area of California when we discuss real estate investments.  They are just simply amazed at what we can do here compared to what they are used to.

…Dry heat.  Wet heat.  Listen Phoenix, 111° is 111°.  I don’t care what you say or how you say it.  🙂

…The Phoenix area is pretty close to exactly twice the size of Kansas City.  And yet we have ± 13,000 agents.  They have ± 45,000.  We run about 23,000 active listings.  Someone said they are at about 74,000! (See comment by Jay Thompson for clarification.)  I’m just glad I’m not an agent there.

…It’s nice to get away and “mastermind”.  It’s even nicer to get home and see my wife and kids.  (Personal note:  Yesterday was the anniversary of my wife putting up with me for 22 years.  Not bad for a 43 yr old.)


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4 responses to “Phoenix Real Estate Getaway

  1. Steve

    Chris, congratulations on 22 years of marriage!

  2. Happy frickin’ anniversary! Hope you were TOO tired when you got home.

  3. Chris –

    Was fabulous to meet you at the Happy Hour/Dinner!!

    Active *residential* listings in Phoenix is just over 55,000.

    Land is at about 12,000.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. Steve & Jeff – Thanks.

    Jay – Very nice to meet you, as well. And thanks for the edit on the numbers! I was going by what I had heard. Should have checked with THE source for Phoenix real estate!

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