Think KC

Chris Gutierrez, President of KC SmartPort, Inc came to speak to my breakfast club this morning and I was really impressed with him, his presentation and what Think KC is trying to accomplish here in the Heartland.   

In case you are not familiar with Think KC, they are the red dots all over town with KC in the middle.  Promoting the Greater Kansas City area for new business (thus new jobs, new housing, new commerce, new tax base, etc.) that comes from outside our metropolitan area is their job.  They have been actively involved in this whole Bombardier project that is down to Kansas City and Montreal.  If that comes through it could bring an estimated 2,100 jobs and have an unprecedented impact on the Kansas City area. 

Anyway, getting back on track, I think that Think KC should be on every Kansas Citians radar.  They really promote the whole area and not just the Kansas City area or the Overland Park area or the Blue Springs area.  Chris even said that when they show a map of the KC area to out of town investors and would be comers that they take off all the lines that define boundaries.  I like that. 

Other items Chris mentioned include;

  • Kansas City is #1 in railroad tonnage.
  • Kansas City is #3 in trucking.
  • Animal health is really on the grow throughout the entire corridor between Manhattan, KS and Columbia, MO.
  • Data and call centers are coming to Kansas City because of our central location/time zone, cheaper energy and labor costs and costs of living.  (I know Olathe has really benefited from that!)

Chris found it difficult to contain his enthusiasm for the Kansas City area and stated that with all that is goin on, including the Power & Light District, they are getting more inquiries than ever. 

Kansas City needs more like Chris.  Proud of his community and ready to tell anyone who will listen about the advantages we have here.  Think KC.  You will be glad you did. 

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