Kansas City Multi-Family Housing Sales

Be forewarned:This is a blatant advertisement to promote using Chris Lengquist to help you buy or sell Kansas City Multi-Family Housing

Why:You get the best of both worlds.  A residential real estate agent that works with residential investment property every day and also works with commercial multi-family housing.  Whether working for the buyer or the seller Chris Lengquist uses time-tested investment property valuations to help you determine at what price you should sell your Kansas City area multi-family housing units or at what price you should buy.

To determine whether or not you should be looking to move your apartment now or to hang on through these rough credit times you will need a thorough evaluation of your property’s income and expenses along with an interpretation of where it’s relative neighborhood is heading.

Can I stop talking in the 3rd person, yet?  Good.  Let me just say that it is my desire to help you meet your economic goals.  Whether you have one investment property in Kansas City or fifty.  Whether you own a small single family home in Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood or a 85 unit apartment building (commercial multi-family housing) out in Overland Park, Kansas. 

I look forward to helping you with all of your Kansas City area multi-family housing needs. 



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2 responses to “Kansas City Multi-Family Housing Sales

  1. Brian

    I’d just like to weigh in and endorse Chris. I spent 4+ months looking for a real estate agent before I met Chris through this blog.

    While searching, my criteria were:
    *Must understand investment real estate
    *Must have experience with managing property
    *Must be a full-time agent
    *Must follow-up on commitments

    Additionally, in Chris I have found:

    That last item was a bit of a surprise to me. Quite simply, Chris loves both real estate and people…and it really shows.

    I have been using Chris as my agent for nearly 2 months now. Though I have not purchased my first rental unit yet, Chris has been diligent in working with me. Whereas some other agents quit calling me when (I imagine) I didn’t jump at literally the first deal they sent me, Chris has continued to find out what I am looking for.

    I also suspect that he realizes better than I the extra mental and emotional worries and concerns that I, a first time investor, have beyond those of other more seasoned investors. I really appreciate his understanding.


    P.S. I was not solicited for this comment nor am I being encouraged or reimbursed in any way. Actually, I figure he’ll give me a hard time about it! 🙂

  2. Check is in the mail… 😉

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