Being A Good Neighbor And A Good Landlord

I’m working with a short sale situation on a half duplex for sale in Olathe.  It should be ready to announce within the next day or two.  It’s only about 9 or 10 houses down the street from a rental property of my own here in Olathe and as I drove by mine I realized that I haven’t been a good neighbor.

See, the unit of which I speak has excellent tenants.  They always pay their rent on time.  Plant flowers next to the house.  Never a problem.  So I don’t go by that often.  But as I drove by this day I saw that dandelions from miles around had come to my yard to grow and prosper. 

This particular rental property is only a half duplex.  My neighbor’s yard is beautiful.  Not a weed in the whole yard.   So I went down to the local K-Mart, bought some Weed & Feed and addressed the problem immediately. 

You may find this funny.  But I like my neighbors liking my properties.  The better I keep up my rentals the more cooperative the neighbors are about letting me know about things that I should know about.  And besides, a sharp looking home usually attracts better tenants.  If experience has taught me one thing it is that your tenants will treat your rental homes like you do.  Take care of your rental properties and so will they.  Let them go and so will they. 

Talk about your law of reciproicity. 

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