OMG – I’ve Been Trampled Under Foot

This blog is dedicated to Kansas City Real Estate Investing and by virtue of it’s name, Kansas City BBQ.  But another Kansas City cultural tradition is ‘da Blues.  I’m not gonna say we are the capital of the blues.  But we are certainly a player. 

For quite some time now I’ve been urged to go out and hear a couple of local blues bands.  Levee Town and Trampled Under Foot.  And last night I went to see Trampled Under Foot with some buddies at Marty’s Blues Cafe.  What I got was blown away

Seems the bassist and singer for TUF (as Trampled Under Foot is referred to) was on her honeymoon so the remaining two members of the band (They are all three siblings! – Me and my siblings have no talent!)  invited two of the members from Levee Town to join them.  And what seemed to be a whole host of other Kansas City blues players and singers.  Special mention here to Sweet Sue, a fun singer and Kool Aid who played a very nice guitar.  (I hope I got their names right.)  Those two joined the other guys for various songs during the sets.

But let’s cut to the chase.  I was completely blown away with the guitarist/singer for TUF.  First the guys, all of them, were younger than I expected.  Secondly, as built up as they were to me the publicity did not exceed the talent

I’m am not a professional journalist or music critic.  What I can tell you is that the guitarist/singer, Nick Schnebelen, not only has excessive musical talent and abilities he’s got stage presence.  A charming smile.  A knack for knowing when to talk and when to be quiet.  An unbelievable blues voice and the ability to remind me of a young George Thorogood

Anyone looking for a great night out enjoying a fabulous feast of ‘da blues would be advised to see either of these bands.  But I’d definitely recommend catching a glimpse of Trampled Under Foot.  They may not be confined to Kansas City very long.   After all, they have been voted the best blues band in 2008 down at a festival in Memphis.  Not too shabby. 

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