I Guess I’m Not Guru Approved

I received this email the other day…names removed…

Hi Chris,We will be coming into Kansas City in June for a field training regarding the purchase of investment property in the Kansas City Area. We are in need of a real estate agent who knows the area and is willing to work with us to find investment properties as well as put us in contact with a mortage broker who can work some “creative financing”.
We permanently reside in Palm Springs, CA and have excellent credit. It is our goal that in 3 days to purchase a couple of properties.

Would you be interested in assisting us with this endeavor?

Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


 Here was my response…

Working with real estate investing can mean many different things.  I’m more structured to investors looking to buy & hold over a period of 5-8 years using maximum leverage from good credit and looking to achieve capital growth over cash flow.  See my blog at www.BBQCapital.com for more information. 
I would love to help.  But your comments about “field training” and “creative financing” send up warning signals to me.  I do not wish to tell you what to do.  Really.  But proceed with caution.  I’ve seen more than a dozen folks from out of state come into our area with the help of an investment guru and sometime later call me wanting me to help fix the mess they are currently in.
You can always feel free to call me at 913.568.1579 to discuss what your objectives will be.  If I can help, I’d love to.  I don’t think you’ll find anyone better.  And if I think it’s best you work with someone else I’ll say that, too.  (As you can probably tell I’m fairly outspoken.) 
Do give me a call.  Five minutes of your time can make a huge difference.

Since I’ve received no response I can only assume that I didn’t pass the muster with their real estate investing guru.  Actually, I’m kinda proud about that.  If I wanted to double my income, literally, I could just help these people…no questions asked.  I get similiar emails and phone calles EVERY WEEK.  I know of enough “creative” mortgage people and “cash flow” properties priced less than your used car that this guru would salivate over.  And heck, I could even charge to help them complete their “field training.” 

Maybe I should change my business model, get a Mercedes and a gold chained necklace? 


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5 responses to “I Guess I’m Not Guru Approved

  1. Very interesting. I get calls from out of state occasionally and I am also very skeptical. A couple people have said, that they never need to see the property and to just send them info.

  2. Those emails bring out the Darth BawldGuy in me. 🙂

  3. I actually feel for the emailers/callers. IMO, most want the security investing in real estate can bring. And someone is usually taking advantage of that emotion.

  4. Mike and Vanessa

    Puleeze don’t go for the ‘Benz and the gold chain. We like you just the way you are…. Trust is hard to earn and easy to lose, and its everyone’s most valuable asset.

  5. M & V – Don’t worry. I was being sarcastic. Besides, if I did all that I’d need a tupee, too.

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