Wood Rot

Wood rot is a major pain in the butt here in the Kansas City area.  And left unattended wood rot will expand with each passing year and keep your real estate from appreciating to it’s fullest capacity.

The most common areas I see wood rot here in the KC market is around the window sills, on the trim pieces that cover seams in the siding and on railing or support posts for the stairs and/or front porch.  At first wood rot is barely noticeable.  But soon, within a couple years, it is an eyesore that grades badly on the presentation of your home or rental property and will have a bearing on it’s net worth. 

What can you do to keep wood rot from hampering you from getting top dollar for your property?

  • Inspect window sills at least once a year.  That’s the first place I usually notice wood rot.
  • Keep all seams properly caulked.
  • Keep wood properly painted.  I know painting can be expensive.  But wait until you have wood rot and you’ll get the repair bills and the painting bill!
  • As you have to replace pieces of wood that have rotted through consider Hardy style cement siding/trim and or the wood that has a greenish tint because it’s been treated.  Both are more expensive but will make the repairs last a lot longer.
  • Buy an all brick house!  🙂

Consider this just another service of my ongoing need to remind people that unless your house is in top condition you really don’t have a right to ask top dollar.  Well, you can ask but only a fool will pay it.  For you rental property owners trying to squeeze out every cash flow dollar imaginable remember that you might have a few hundred more dollars of cash flow per year but you’ll cost yourself thousands (I said thousands) on sales price at the end. 

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