Even Dora The Explorer Knows You Need A Map

I love talking to real estate investors that talk about and think about their goals.  People with goals are refreshing.  They don’t get dragged off in different directions depending on which Investment Guru blows through and they aren’t offended when you have slightly different points of view.  They’ve got their road map and they are gonna follow the directions.   Dora would make and excellent real estate investor.  Maybe even that monkey, Boots. 

“Reasonable people can disagree.”  That’s what Jay Bilas loves to say when comparing basketball teams.

The same is true for real estate investors and their properties in relationship to their plans.

Jeff Brown likes to talk about Purposeful Planning.  And if you haven’t read yesterday’s post on the subject of Cash on Cash you should.  Especially the comments.  There is a mountain of gold in the comments made by Jeff, Christopher and Another Investor.  Look at how each has his (her?) road map clearly before them and know what their next move is in relationship to their goals. 

I love it. 


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2 responses to “Even Dora The Explorer Knows You Need A Map

  1. People with goals are definitely refreshing and people with direction even better…. 🙂

  2. Ines,

    Great to hear from you!

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