7 Questions To Ask Your REALTOR Before Looking For Investment Property

  1. Are you an investment property owner and/or do you take any specialized classes to assist you with evaluating real estate investment property?
  2. How long have you been working with investment properties?
  3. Can you show me how you evaluate an income property, numbers wise?
  4. What are your feelings about cash flow or appreciation?
  5. What are your hours of availability?
  6. Do you require a Property Management agreement in addition to an Exclusive Buyer’s Agency Agreement?
  7. Who do you work with concerning inspections, repairs, maintenance and property management?


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4 responses to “7 Questions To Ask Your REALTOR Before Looking For Investment Property

  1. As a West Toronto realtorI would add some more:
    1.Can you present me some previous work?
    2.What was your best deal?
    3.What was your worst deal?
    4.Say me reasons, when you would reject client
    5.What do you expect from me?
    Of course, some of them may be too personal (I mean #2 and #3) but it can tell you a lot about your realtor…

  2. Those aren’t too bad. 🙂

    #2 & #3 may not have any relevance, however, from client to client. Depends on what they are after growth wise, cash flow wise…how far to retirement and several other issues.

  3. Lou

    The ribs in your header, kind of remind be of a Cock Roach when I glance back at the site after looking away.

    But I’ve enjoyed your site; I’m in TN.


  4. Hi, after reading this awesome paragraph i am
    also cheerful to share my knowledge here with friends.

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