Kansas City Power & Light District: Two Thumbs Up

The Kansas City Power & Light DistrictThe Kansas City Power & Light District gets a thumbs up from me and an another from by buddy.  We spent the day there yesterday hanging out in KC Live with all the festivities for the Big XII Tournament.  As you can see from the photo, there was not only a sold out Sprint Center but literally tens of thousands more came down to drink beer or sodas, hang out with friends and watch the game on the 12-15 foot television screen that you can see in the upper right hand corner of the photo.

I have no idea on whether or not this will be a long term economic success.  I can tell you from a civic pride perspective that I felt like I was in a real city, again.  The whole atmosphere reminded me very much of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor area. (Yes, I know there isn’t any water within 3/4 of a mile of the place.) 

Gordon Bersch MarzinWe grabbed a bite to eat at the Gordon-Biersch brewery.  Food was great and their own brews were good.  I loved the Marzen.  GB describes it as “Our most popular beer which is a smooth, mildly sweet, auburn colored lager.”

The crowd was very midwestern.  Well-behaved and friendly.  We spoke with people from Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma.  I even saw that Colorado brought their fan! 

Chris, what does this have to do with real estate investing in Kansas City?  Well, nothing really.  Or everything.  See, I believe cities will tell you whether they are moving forward or backwards.  And that will have a determination on the desirability of a city for future work-forces and employers.  And this bodes well.

Despite many fears, parking was not too difficult to find so long as you don’t mind a 5-10 minute walk.  And really, if you are going down to eat and drink all day, I don’t think the walk will hurt you. 

So the next time you are looking for something to do I would love to encourage you to go on down to the Kansas City Power & Light District.  Eat dinner.  Listen to one of the many live shows they have planned.  Catch an event at the Sprint Center or visit the College Basketball Experience

4.21.2008 update:  My wife and I decided at 8:00 pm on Saturday night to go on down the the Power & Light district and see what was up.  Time away from the kids and all.  Anyway, WOW!  

I simply cannot emphasize enough the transformation this place has on my attitude towards Kansas City night life.  The place was packed.  Every restaurant.  Every bar.  And the “common area” in the center was crowded enough to be full but not too crowded as to be miserable. 

We met several couples as we wandered from place to place.  Some from in town and one couple from Minnesota who couldn’t get over how cool Kansas City was.  (Chamber of Commerce moment.)

The Irish bar we tried poured the Guinness perfectly and had a cool dancer come out for one song that made the live band all the more entertaining.  If you plan on going to Howl at the Moon or that Rock’n’Roll bar my advice would be to get there early.

Heck, just the people watching was a blast.  Women all decked out, scraggly looking and everything in between.  Same with the guys.  Anyway, try it out.  But take your wallet.  Not the cheapest food and beverages in the area!

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5 responses to “Kansas City Power & Light District: Two Thumbs Up

  1. Who’s favored in the tournament, Kansas? Or the 11 dwarfs?

  2. John

    My family attended “Walking with Dinosaurs” this past weekend at the Sprint Center. After the show we walked across the street and had been standing on the sidewalk along the railing for less than a minute when a female security officer approached us and informed us that we could not “just stand and look” we asked if we could enter with our five year old son. She looked at her watch (it was 8:45PM) and said that we could enter until 9:30PM when only 21 and above could enter. As we approached a male security officer at the entrance, he looked at us and said “where do you think you’re going.” I stated that we wanted to look around to which he then looked at my son and stated, “not with him your not.” Our first experience with the new Power and Light District was not at all pleasurable and this is not the first comment we’ve heard about the same problem. It’s nice that Kansas City has the district, bringing business to downtown but as residents of KC MO and KC KS, we won’t be back to the district anytime soon. Management may want to give their employees classes in basic etiquette before they place them in public.

  3. John,

    I don’t think your experience is that unusual at that time of night with a 5 year old. I know they have a more family atmosphere during the morning/afternoon hours.

    But basically, after about 7:30 pm the place is more for adults. An outdoor bar, if you will. True enough that not everyone will like the district for that reason.

    I have a family of 6. I really wouldn’t be that interested in taking them down to the P&L based on what I’ve seen. Then again, I also don’t have a problem with having a place where it’s “kids free”. After all, I seldom get kid free moments. 🙂

  4. Stacey

    Even after hours the security force has a tendency to be overzealous and rude. I have made two trips to the area and won’t be back. During my first visit I didn’t have any troubles with the security, but found the district to be overpriced and bland. I gave it a second shot but was asked to move along and told I was not allowed to stand there doing nothing. I wasn’t loitering, I was looking in my purse for my cell phone and car keys, so that I could put them in the outside pocket. I had only been standing on one spot for 90 seconds or so when the guard approached me. I just turned around and left. I would rather spend my time and money someplace else where the staff is a bit friendlier.

  5. I haven’t experienced this. But it’s becoming a recurring theme. If it’s true they will end up being their own worst enemy.

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