Kansas v Missouri: It Never Ends

Vote KansasSo because Congress has nothing better to do – like solve the current credit crisis, end the war in Iraq, create jobs, provide better medical care to those that might not be able to provide for themselves (I didn’t say had a big screen tv in lieu of health insurance) – they decided to vote on a resolution declaring that the University of Kansas football team, which has just won the Orange Bowl last January, had had their best season of football in their history. 

Good to see the proper priorities.  Now maybe we can spend more time on Roger Clemens because that seems to be an issue of national security, as well.

So anyway, there wasn’t a single negative vote on this pro-Kansas resolution but the 9 congressmen & women from Missouri refused to vote!!!!!  



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3 responses to “Kansas v Missouri: It Never Ends

  1. I just heard on my local radio sports station, this little nugget.

    The Las Vegas Consultant Book, whatever the heck that is, just rated Kansas the #1 bet for the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament.

    Go figure.

  2. Rock Chalk. Oh, and Mizzou won’t even be invited. Take that!!!!

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