No Soup For You!!!

sn.pngYou’ll have to excuse me if I feel a little like Yev Kasem today.  Why?  Let me explain. 

As most of you have read me whine I’ve had the flu that just won’t end.  Not running a temp anymore but the headache, stuffy nose and cough just won’t go away.  Much like this %@c&!*@ weather we’ve been experiencing.

Well anyway, I met with a client last evening and that went pretty well considering I didn’t think I could breather during the entire conversation.  Heck, even for my son’s birthday dinner last night I had to breath before chewing so as not to suffocate during the chewing portion of my meal. 

So I go to bed last night convinced the worm is turning.  Find hope where you can find it, right?  I had felt much better.  The weather was all the way up to the upper 30’s and I had remembered that it was going to be 50 soon.  WRONG.

That idiot weatherman has given us another day in the 20’s.  (I realize it’s immature to blame Steve Busby for the weather.  But I just don’t care.)  Now as I look out my window here at 8:41 am it’s almost a whiteout with snow! 

Kansas City Weather Scares Man Back To San Diego!

Last summer I sold a listing to a guy from San Diego (he had his own agent…we just hit it off).  The place was a dump in a great neighborhood and was considerably under priced because of condition.  He called me to tell me the place has been totally rennovated and he wants me to come by and see.  And oh, by the way, he needs a property manager because he’s had it with Kansas City.  One year.  One winter.  Worst I can remember, was all it took.  He had just returned from San Diego where he had purchased a house because our winters are “too harsh.”

(Cover your kids’ ears.)  No shit.

My only question is:  Can I come with you?


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5 responses to “No Soup For You!!!

  1. Hope yer feelin’ much better today, Chris. It’s 75˚ with wispy cotton candy clouds in San Diego today. In just a few more weeks though, it’ll warm up so we can take our long sleeved shirts off. 🙂

    Get better.

  2. Blow me. (Oopps. Did I say that?)

  3. Another Investor

    After the next round of fires or the big earthquake and a couple of weeks of camping out in the stadium, your San Diego friend will be back. For the price of his San Diego home, he can have a beautiful home where you are and a winter/golfing/vacation home in the Phoenix area.

    And watch your language, Chris, there are ladies reading!

  4. You should watch Gary Lezak! He never gets the weather wrong.

    Here is hoping that they are right about next week.


  5. Another Investor – Sorry. I was feeling grouchy. I promise to behave.

    Adam – Lezak? He’s as wrong as often as the rest of them. What a perfect job.

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