Going To Kansas City? We’re Not Miserable ;)

KCIWhen I meet with out of state investors who have come to Kansas City for the more affordable investment properties our airport invariably comes up somewhere in the conversation.  Yes, it’s quite a ways from downtown Kansas City.  And yes, it’s 42 miles from my home all the way down in Olathe.

However, it’s also extremely convenient for travel.  Today’s Kansas City Star reports that we are the third least miserable airport to travel in and out of.  (Sorry to all the English teachers reading this.  I realize I’m technically not supposed to end a sentence with a preposition.) 

Getting back to comments by traveling investors, they all want to leave to catch their plane about two hours early.  Uh, this is Kansas City’s KCI airport we’re talking about.  (MCI to you pilots.)  There are no lines.  No traffic jams.  I usually arrive less than 45 minutes in advance and I’ve never once broke out in a sweat worrying about catching my flight. 

Kansas City has a lot of advantages for the real estate investor.  And another one you may not have considered is the ease of travel.  Heck, we’re only a round trip airline flight away from your next income property.  Check out today’s Southwest Airlines round trips for 30 days from now:

From Los Angeles:  $284
From San Francisco:  $300
From New York:  $273
From Washington, DC:  $284

Is this a big expense when you are purchasing your next property?  How often do you “drive-by” anyway?  Heck, inspections cost more than that. 

Besides, if you come out, I’ll buy the BBQ. 


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2 responses to “Going To Kansas City? We’re Not Miserable ;)

  1. I can vouch for the airport ‘crowding’. It took Josh and at least four minutes to get through security, including the wait ‘in line’. 🙂 If you get there sooner than 45 minutes before your flight time, you’d better have something to read.

  2. I had one New Yorker about a year ago want to leave about 2 hrs early. I asked him if he was stopping to eat. 🙂

    Anyway, he called from New York to say next time he’d listen to me.

    Hasn’t been a next time, however, because he didn’t listen to me on what to buy!

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