Boston Legal: I Believe Tonight’s The Night

Boston LegalI’m about 99% sure tonight is the episode that my friend Doug & I are extras on the set of Boston Legal.  I’m told we’re the third scene from the end.  It will be a dinner scene in which I’ll be sitting off the right shoulder of Denny Crane (William Shatner…Bill to his friends).  🙂

Boston Legal setSee diagram for what I remember the scene to look like.  Keep in mind we are supposed to be in a restaurant so I’m eating the same salad for almost an hour.  But such is the life of us Hollywood stars. 

All in all it was a fantastic experience.  And if I’m wrong about tonight then we’ll definitely be on next week.  I know the election night coverages have put their schedule off a bit. 

boston-legal-chris-doug.jpgHere is a photo of Doug Dickerson and I getting our photos taken on the famous balcony.  This photo was taken immediately after the shoot so you can see the crew in the background breaking down while a set director hurriedly took our picture. 

I sat down expecting a real chair.  But they are hard plastic.  The scotch glasses are nothing more than cheap plastic.  The law books are foam.  It’s an amazingly fake world they create.  Even the city scape scenes are done with smoke and mirrors.  It’s pretty cool.

Editor’s Note:  I just received this email from a guy who would know about tonight…

Regarding your episode Tuesday, you two will be seen in the
background of the third to last scene in the show.  It will
be in the last act, and the scene comes after the “farewell”
scene between Candace and Scott Bakula (they say goodbye in
the courtroom).  Unfortunately, because of the position of
the camera, you pretty much see only the back of your head
as the camera pans across you to Denny.  There’s also a
quick cut back to the wide shot halfway through the scene
and we csn see your entire table behind Denny & Shore’s table.
But remember, it’s a quick cut; I did it that way to emphasize
Denny & Alan’s surprise to their “date’s” philandering.  Oh
well, at least you got to eat at the table next to the big

So there you have it!  Heck, I’ll take what I can get.  It was fun.  And we got free pizza!


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8 responses to “Boston Legal: I Believe Tonight’s The Night

  1. OMG YOU KNOW WE’LL BE WATCHING FOR THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD— this could possibly be the biggest real estate story of the year!

  2. Bigger than the subprime debacle?

    Bigger than the credit crunch?

    Bigger than Donald Trumps ego?

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  4. Very cool Chris!
    That is pretty exciting. As a faithful watcher back to the days of The Practice I can say, I’m jealous!
    Looking forward to seeing the back of your head in tonights show.

  5. Dale – Thanks! Go to for a full write up!

  6. Investing guru and movie star too. When will we stop discovering new Chris Lengquist talents?

  7. I noticed I wasn’t up for an emmy! What’s up with that?

  8. Hollywood bias. No respect for Kansas City talent.

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