Taking Advantage of the Desperate

snake-oil.jpgLast night while flipping through the channels with a touch of insomnia I came across this dude claiming he had a book that would help you wipe out all of your debt without bankruptcy or any additional payments.  One claim is he can give you two magic words that will drastically reduce or eliminate your credit card balances.

Another was a secret he has that without spending any additional money you could turn your 30 year mortgage into a 10 year mortgage.  And he is willing to share these secrets with you for only $29.95. 

Question: Can he give me the words that will allow me to pay only $4.95 for his book? 

The funny thing, hilarious actually, was the women’s panel (The View?) he was discussing these subjects with.  One was a Playboy Playmate at some point and they pointed this out like it was a strength.  Besides taking her clothes off for men to stare at (which, I’m not necessarily against!) I am not sure of her qualifications for discussing financial strategies. 

Question: If you created all this debt isn’t there at least some sense of moral obligation for you to pay (at the very least) the principal back?

Maybe I’m doing this blog wrong.  I become more convinced everyday that I should start spinning real estate investing into some sexy 3-step formula (devoid of any truth or facts or real life scenarios) and sell these ideas for $19.95.  There have to be enough desperate and gullible people out there to get me a Mercedes.  Don’t you think? 

Editor’s note:  The above is only my opinion and should not be considered libel towards Kevin Trudeau or his book Debt Cures.  I’m sure they offer great reliable honest truthful sound advice that will work every time.  This was strictly a review of my opinions from watching the infomercial. 


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5 responses to “Taking Advantage of the Desperate

  1. Kenin Trudeau and The View? They deserve each other, and their viewers deserve them.

    I know we all joke from time to time about folks we see who seem to be, ah, cerebrally challenged. Seriously though, isn’t there some portion of the constitution that we might use to bar them from actually voting?

  2. Well, I don’t think they were actually The View. But why would you want to immulate (sic?) them anyway?

  3. You’re right of course. Anyone who emulates that guy deserves what they get.

  4. I have seen the info commercial myself. The goverment has been after him for his suposedly letting the american public be aware of real problems in the medical industry and now he does one for the debit relief cure. I to was tempted to call and find out what those 3 words are also. He says he offers up to the minute online advice once you have payed the money for how to recieve free money to assist with debt.

    I find what he says about the medical industry interesting and so I am interested in his financial info as well but have never acted on them. He sure has alot of air time and that must cost.

    There is always someone willing to pay so you may want to consider doing it.

  5. What was it P.T. Barnum said?

    Thanks for reading.

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