600 More Jobs For Olathe, Kansas

Yesterday I promised to continue my story about a real life example duplex property here in Olathe, Kansas.  And I still will, even though Jeff Brown said “don’t bother.”  But turns out today should be pretty busy so I thought I would just bring you this really good news for Olathe concerning further job growth.

Farmers Insurance OlatheIt was announced yesterday the Farmer’s Insurance would be adding an additional 600 jobs to the new office park located out at 119th and Ridgeview Road.  This comes just months after U.S. Bank announced it was adding a technical center that would add 80+ higher paying jobs.  And Garmin is continuing it’s ever onward expansion here in Olathe, as well. 

As we all know, job growth creates housing demand.  While Olathe has really weathered the real estate down turn very well this can only add to the demand which will lead to a quicker turn-around.  Or at the very least help to maintain our modest appreciation. 

The Olathe leadership that continues to make this community so livable is doing a great job.  They have my hearty “congratulations.” 

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