Please Don’t Sue Me For $25,000,000

And Justice For All

Dear Attorneys & Possible Plaintiffs, 

This is an open letter to all of our great nation’s attorneys and possible plaintiffs to not sue me for $25,000,000 as you are doing with a fellow real estate blogger in Florida.  (Read about it here in the Miami Herald.)  Within this blog you will find both statements of fact and those of opinion.  Sometimes even I’m not sure which is which.  🙂 

It is important for you to know that I use this blog to communicate my ideas, principles and real estate investment theories to my clients, customers and casual readers.  I’m usually right.  But there may be times when your opinion differs from mine. 

So here’s what I would rather you do…simply write a rebuttal.  Tell me I’m wrong.  So long as the argument is rational and polite I’ll listen.  Heck, I’ll even publish it.  But enough of the screaming “I’ll Sue!”

Of course, I also realize that people are always looking for a buck.  And they might think I have it.  Well, enjoy trying to find it.  My wife has been looking for years!  Let me know what you find because it’s quite possible VISA would also like to know. 

Anyway, you know where to find me.  But please, please, please just leave me alone!

Best regards,

Chris Lengquist

p.s.  I also had nothing to do with you over-paying for your home

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