Kansas City Real Estate Investing Thoughts

interest_rate.jpgHave you been paying attention to interest rates?  I just had an investor lock in at 5.875% on a non-owner occupied investment property here in the Kansas City area.  Do you think that helps cash flow?  🙂

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ctje.jpgIt’s been so freaking cold here lately (it’s 2 degrees as I write this) that I stopped by a vacant house one of my clients has to make sure all the water pipes were not frozen.  Since they are claiming we’ll get up to the 50’s on Sunday and Monday (I hope that is true.) you might want to check out your vacant rental property to be sure, as well.  You don’t want a frozen pipe thawing an then running water everywhere.

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I’ve been noticing a definite increase in interest in the Kansas City real estate investing market.  In the last 5-8 days I have spoken to people from Sacramento & San Francisco & Los Angeles, California, also Seattle, Washington, New York, New York and Pensacola, Florida. 

People are looking for a stable market in which they can park some of their equity in real estate.  All I have to say is “Bring it on.”

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Just in case you have not been paying attention, my beloved Kansas Jayhawks are now 19-0.  And they look good.


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4 responses to “Kansas City Real Estate Investing Thoughts

  1. Let’s connect your latest blog, on the low interest rate with your one on buying quality units. . .

    If you are a RE investor and you are looking for something with a 10% cap rate, you better believe this lower rate is going to help you out so let’s make sure you get in a property which is in “good” demand.

    Any local property management company can find an occupant for the 3 bedroom 1 bath home in KCMO for $895-995 per month but why choose the home that will inevitably be left in despair.

    While you have the great interest rate locked in, use it to your advantage and upgrade to the duplex or SFH in Olathe, Shawnee Mission or BV!

  2. Cynthia – Thanks for stopping by. No argument from me. 🙂

  3. May I ask for a recommendation for a lender who is willing to give a rate like that for a non-owner occupied? If that lender’s name is available, I’d appreciate it. I have great credit, but haven’t done much research, but will soon be buying something.

  4. I work with some very good lenders. The lender that got that rate for that particular client is

    Audra Chandler
    Bank of Blue Valley

    May I also recommend?

    Tabatha Bennet
    Signature Mortgage

    Tom Brassfield
    Security Savings Bank


    Stacey Taylor
    CountryWide Home Loans

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