Reviewing Your Rental Property

One of the things I think helps to let your tenants know that you care about your rental property is when you occasionally assist with routine maintenance.  Now, this could be you or your property manager.  Either way, you want to convey the message that it’s important to take care of your rental property. 

honeywell_fc100a1037_furnace_filter_inverted.jpgHere in Kansas City our rental properties have probably had the furnaces running almost non-stop for the better part of two months, save a temperate day or two here and there.  This will not only put a little bit of a financial hurt on your tenants, it’s been heck on your furnaces. 

So, what we can do is kill two birds with one stone.  Maybe even three!  I suggest that you, or your property manager, take over to each of your property units a set of new furnace filters and replace them.  Why would this be good?

  1. As I said, it shows you care about the maintenance of your rental property.  And a dirty furnace filter is tough on the furnace.  Even if the tenant does periodically change it, it’s like oil.  You can’t change too often.
  2. It will show the tenant you are thinking about them.  It saves them only a few bucks and a couple minutes of time.  But it is the thought that counts, right? 
  3. It allows you, or your property manager, to get inside and casually check out the condition of your rental home.  Dogs that aren’t supposed to be there?  Massive carpet stains?  Problems of any kind?

Many a time I speak with income property owners who tell me the horror stories of what their tenants did to their houses.  Almost to a person they also admit that neither they nor their property manager had visited the home while the tenants were under lease.  In my mind, that is a mistake.


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5 responses to “Reviewing Your Rental Property

  1. I have done some research on changing your air filter on a regular basis. I have found that has some valuable information in their FAQ’s page ( regarding this topic. They also have high quality filters at a reasonable price and free shipping.

    Air Filter Girl

  2. Excellent post. For just a few dollars a tenant, you can get goodwill, tackle a major maintenance issue and check out the tenant’s unit at the same time! Great suggestion.
    Steven Boorstein

  3. Steven – Thanks for reading. It needs to be done, so what the “hay”.

  4. Chris

    You hit the nail on the head again; Advantage Homes sets each tenant (and landlord) up on a “drip email campaign” (if you RE agents don’t have this, get this!)

    Therefore every month our tenants receive a notice to change their filter; this will increase their air flow for only $10 bucks!

    Per their lease agreement they must change it every other month too.

  5. Anything that stays in touch is good. At least that’s the way I feel.

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