Kansas City v Los Angeles…Again

I had to laugh out loud yesterday after speaking with two different people from California.  They were complaining about Kansas City’s weather.  You know, snow, how cold it gets, etc. Kansas City weather

“How can you live there?  It’s 68° and sunny here!”

Then I open up this morning’s business section of the Kansas City Star and see an article showing that the most recent study of California real estate is that prices are down 15.2% from last spring/summer’s highs.  My question to them is;

“How can you live there?  Prices are stable here!”

And, we don’t get earthquakes, unimaginable crime, traffic at 10:00 pm, etc. 

We all live where we live and have advantages over other parts of the country.  Though you will ALWAYS hear me complain about the cold I have to say I like the change in seasons.  Well, except for the whole raking leaves thing. 

But from an investment property owner’s standpoint, there is no question that there is a stark difference between owning income property here in Kansas City or anywhere in the SoCal area. 

Kansas City’s advantage:  Stability and affordability.  Slow and steady growth.  It’s not sexy.  But neither is KC.

SoCal’s advantage: At times, spiraling appreciation that can make you wealthy beyond your dreams.  But if you don’t time it right…look out!  And just try to make the numbers work.

Do what you are gonna do.  If I can help great.  But just know each area has it’s pluses.  🙂


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8 responses to “Kansas City v Los Angeles…Again

  1. Hey Chris!
    I visited Seattle and drove up to Vancouver during the holidays…it was raining each and every day I was there. Anyway, I absolutely LOVE that weather! I’ll be snowboarding in February and I can’t wait for that either.
    Regardless, my girlfriend says “we’re not moving!” Not that she’s a big fan of the Real Estate Market out here but she just can’t stand the cold weather.

  2. Where we visit the sun for fun you do the opposite. See, it works out. 🙂

  3. The summer sun warms you as you gently loll on the waves, waiting for the wall of energy. Off in the distance, you see it build. It rises up; you turn and paddle.

    Abruptly, you’re lifted like a rollercoatser going up an incline. You turn…and…

    Whoosh! A moving mountain of water whisks you to the shore.

    Turn. Paddle. Repeat.

    COST: Free

  4. And breaking the silence, what’s that? A gunshot? Or another 23 car pile up? I couldn’t be sure over the woman screaming that she’s not a waitress, she’s an actress. 🙂

    But really, I love LA. It’s a great town. San Diego I’ve never quite made it to. It’s a must on my Bucket List.

  5. Don’t forget Kansas City Bar-B-Q…

    You’re not going to find that in California, either.

  6. No Kidding. See tomorrow’s post regarding Jeff & Josh Brown and KC BBQ!

  7. KCnativeInSoCal

    Actually, there is a little place in San Diego called KC BBQ. A couple of Jayhawks run the place and use it for hosting Alumni Associaton Basketball watch parties. Parts of TOp Gun were filmed there.


    The BBQ is not exactly Gates or Jess & Jim’s, but the Jayhawk periphenalia on the walls, the smell of stale beer and the atmosphere is great.

  8. You know what? I met them at a mexican restaurant in Los Angeles when I was there in December. They had also gone to the KU v USC basketball game. They were really nice.

    Thanks for the comment!

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