Sunday Ramblings

Only two chairs remain for the 9:30 session on Saturday with Jeff Brown and 5 chairs remain for the 2:00 session.  Email me if you want in.  This will be worth your two hours.  Trust me.


Jeff wrote a blog today that sparked a thought and a praise for my wife of 22 years.  I Mariedon’t come from a privileged background and have had to earn everything I have.  I could not have done it without the love and support of Marie.  Let me give you an example.

We have 4 kids and all the bills that are associated with a family of 6.  No great shakes.  You have responsibilities, too.  But never once has Marie complained or made negative comments when I would choose to spend $300 on mailing out marketing materials to my client list and that meant we only had money for PB&Js or macaroni & cheese. 

I’ve seen spouses kill their significant other’s incomes and dreams.  They have to have the new dress or the jet ski or the car to impress someone.  Marie has always supported my decisions. Even when they were obviously incorrect, in retrospect. 

Why does this matter to the real estate investor?  Because there will probably be times when outgo is greater than income.  But with proper planning and calculations it doesn’t have to stay that way.  Get on the same page with your spouse.  Keep the goals in front of you.  And support each other.


Bill Self Kansas JayhawksKansas Jayhawk basketball update:  We look good.  I’m about ready, though not quite, to say that Bill Self’s 2007-2008 team is every bit as good as Roy Williams’ 1996-1997 team.  That is a big statement.  We’ll see where it goes.


My 10 year old daughter that has been challenged with cerebral palsy since birth played in her first basketball game last night.  You should have seen the smile.  It lit up the whole room. 


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3 responses to “Sunday Ramblings

  1. Agents partnered with smart, supportive, and most importantly, uncomplaining wives are so often the agents who ultimately succeed on a large scale. The difference between that and a demanding, irrational woman who refuses to understand anything but what’s in her garage and closet, is huge.

    I too have been blessed with the former. I’ve seen so many promising agents bite the dust because of atmosphere at home. When the fort is strong from within, nothing outside can hurt it.

    Marie is, in my opinion, your greatest business asset. For sure my wife is mine.

  2. It’s tough, though, there’s a line somewhere betweeen supporting and insanity. I’ve seen dudes burn up wives because they don’t accept feedback from the world.

    And on another note: my 2.5 year old says, “Rock Chalk Jahawk” because he heard it on ESPN radio and thinks it’s fun. This was during Kansas’s football stuff. “rock chalk jayHAAAAAWK”

  3. Jeff – Marie is pretty cool.

    Chris – It’s good to see the youth of America getting their heads straight. 🙂

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