Are You Noticing The Shakeout?

2007 was a funny year for me and my real estate business.  Some of the good things that happened were;

  • I expanded my social network with real estate agents and investors all over the country.  From Indiana to Florida to California and to Texas.  
  • I elected Jeff Brown my official mentor.  (He didn’t run for office.  It was a write-in situation.)
  • My sales, even in this melt-down year, were up 7.3% for the year.
  • Despite decreased values all across the country, my portfolio grew (if ever so slightly) this year.

01-bizsale.jpgBut alas, 2007 brought some major negative changes as well.  I’m looking around and beginning to miss some lenders I used to work with.  They are boarded up.  Real estate agents I know and like and respect are working “part-time” to make ends meet.  Investors I know and liked (but didn’t advise, mind you) are losing some of their properties because they bought more on speculation than fundamentals.

Pruning the tree is necessary to the health of our economy.  But it’s painful to watch and partake in.  I read today that unemployment is up everywhere.  Just more fuel to the fire.

But here’s the deal, are you going to partake?  Are you going to throw your hands up and scream “uncle” or are you going to dig down deep and do what it takes to succeed.  And I don’t care if you are a real estate investor, a telecommunications engineer or a street vendor.  Do your part to keep this economy going.  Work.  Produce.  You’ve got people counting on you. helping

And don’t forget that if you haven’t been impacted then you can make a difference to someone who has.  Encourage.  Participate.  Give of yourself.


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2 responses to “Are You Noticing The Shakeout?

  1. Couldn’t agree more, Chris.

    And though I rarely ‘run’ for the office of mentor, I humbly and gladly serve when drafted. 🙂 This is especially true when they’re already so far up the expertise ladder.

    KC is blessed to have you.

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