Kansas City REI Master Mind

mastermind-bb.gifI’ve been asked to join a Kansas City real estate investing master mind for Kansas City area real estate agents.  The guy heading it all up is one of the few other people in this city that I know understands the ins and outs of residential real estate investment property.  So I’m excited to join on that basis.

It is my hope that I’ll be able to contribute as much as I learn.   It’s also my hope that those of us “in the know” will be able to help those on the beginning of the learning curve better understand what this particular facet of real estate is all about.

It would be so nice to see investment property in Kansas City priced appropriately, in good condition and with readily available data for buyers to see.  Maybe I’m hopeful. 

I firmly believe that the more people that understand the benefits of real estate investing and the proper acquisition of, or the liquidation of, income property the better off we would all be.   And that can start with real estate agents around town that can actually give good counsel. 


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2 responses to “Kansas City REI Master Mind

  1. Congratulations! Make us proud and help educate as many ‘would be’ investors as possible. I agree with you that real estate agents giving good councel could really make a big impact on the education and overall efficiency of the real estate market. Good luck!

    Steve Boorstein
    Landlord Business Insider

  2. Chris, I may be joining you on the KW master mind – I hope to learn something too.

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