You Never Know It All – Get A Coach

I’m just like you.  There are things I’m really good at.  And there are places where I need improvement.  I wish I could hit a major league curve ball.  I wish I could hit the contested 22′ jumper as the clock winds down.  I wish I had the answers to world peace and global climate change. 

There is one strength that I do possess, however, that allows me to continue to develop as a father, a husband, a real estate agent and an investment counselor.  I can recognize what I don’t know or where I will need help.  Now you may not think that is a strength.  But I do.

A little over a week ago a fantastic opportunity was presented to me.  I knew that much.  Trouble was, I just didn’t know what to do with it.  I could see the profit there for whatever client(s) I was able to put together with this property.  And I knew I could get paid handsomely for doing so.  But I just couldn’t piece it together.

Jeff Brown - BawldguySo rather than let it die.  Or worse, rather than continuing to try to figure it out myself to the detriment of the seller and whatever buyer would be interested I picked up the phone and called Jeff Brown.   (He’s the bawldguy on the right.)

For those of you unfamiliar with Jeff Brown he is a licensed REALTOR in the State of California.  Jeff works with investment housing, like myself.  But there is a major difference.  Jeff has about 35 years of experience to my 6.  So while I lacked the experience to put this thing together I knew there was someone out there that would be able to help me reveal the possibilities. 

Coach WoodenI’ve written before about the importance of having a Coach in the field of real estate investing.   Whether he likes it or not, I think of Jeff Brown as my coach.  Thanks, big guy.

Now I don’t always run the play…but that’s a whole other story.  🙂


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8 responses to “You Never Know It All – Get A Coach

  1. You’d be hard pressed to find a better one…

  2. Chris — Thanks so much. Can’t think of a better way to get a new week started. 🙂

    Jay — I read everything you write — thanks.

  3. Even if the coach is a peer, they add value because they can see through your myopia.

  4. Jay – honored to have you stop by. And you are right.

    Jeff – Is this good for some more free advice? 🙂

    chrisdoesloans – Great point.

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  6. I’ve been reading Jeff for a couple of weeks now. Good choice!
    Uncle Jack

  7. rerevealed

    Chris- many people think that after they’ve been licensed for 12 months, they’re specialists. Wrong. You and Benn have been in the industry for the same amount of time and instead of ignoring those who have been around the block, you’ve both embraced a mentor- bravo!

    Plus, y’all already know I heart Jeff (I mean we’ve only talked on the phone for ONE hour today… I think he owes me another hour)!

    PS: Chris, come back to Austin- we have more places to take you next time!!!

  8. Uncle Jack – I didn’t know I had an uncle in LV. This is fabulous!

    Lani – I sense one of the internet affairs with Jeff and you brewing. Is BR aware of this?

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