It’s Time To Call On Jaco Bay

googlecf24c17e3a6dfe6ehtml.jpgI’m tired of internet spammers force advertising in the comments section of my blogs.  The biggest offender here is JacoBay Condominiums & Resort apparently run by Ramada.  I’ve called and asked them to stop spamming me and others.

The great thing is they advertise their 800 number on the website.  It is 800.618.1897. 

I am now publicly urging everyone…and I mean everyone in the blogging world…to call JacoBay.  Just waste their time.  It could be great fun.  And here is the bonus:  IT WILL COST THEM MONEY WITH EACH PHONE CALL!

I’ve asked their 800 number politely to quit bugging me.  So now I’m just going to call them and let the phone go as long as possible.  Maybe then Mr. Omar Cruz (the spammers screen name) will go bankrupt and then they won’t have time to keep bothering everyone. 

Just say “NO” to JacoBay.  I’d love to hear your opinions on this. 


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3 responses to “It’s Time To Call On Jaco Bay

  1. Chris – I’m all for it!
    I just can’t tolerate the spamming…it’s crazy!
    Good luck!

  2. I tend to get spammed by linkfarms based in who-knows-where looking for backlinks and clicks, and not a phone number to be found. But in your case you can strike back…how satisfying!

  3. I had a similar problem, different spammer. I added a WordPress Plug-in that required the commenter to do a math equation. Stopped the bot dead in their tracks.

    Let me know if you want the one I installed. It was a 5 minute fix.

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