Learning To Drive Is Like Learning To Invest

bro71mav.jpgI’ve been driving since I was fifteen.  My first car was a 1971 Ford Maverick.  Straight six with three in the tree.  When I bought it the color was primer and all the wheels had standard factory issue.  Well, this wouldn’t do for a 15 year old who already had his driver’s license.  (Actually, it was restricted license for school, work and emergencies.  Since my mom was single and had to work from 9-7 each day and I had two younger siblings, everything was an emergency.)   Some mag wheels, the shifter moved to the floor, fresh paint and holes added to the muffler for that “loud” sound and I was off!

Now, my 15 year old son is learning to drive.  We currently have an automatic Nissan Quest minivan and, of course, my standard transmission MINI Cooper.  He’s learning to drive both.  But the standard transmission is causing him some fits.  He can get it into gear and get going…jerky and bucking all the way.  But go he does.

However, the other day he killed it, again.  Frustration showed on his face and “will I ever master this?” escaped from his lips.

Chris, not to be rude, but you are doing it again!  Real estate investing is the reason both myself and others come to this blog.  We want to learn the in’s and out’s of investing our hard earned cash into an asset that will appreciate and maybe even make a little money along the way to our retirement worth having.  Can you please get to the point?

Okay.  If you insist.  And since you interrupted me I’ll use you as the example.  You are like that young man of mine learning to drive the stick shift.  You’ve read about driving.  You’ve listened to me and many others talk about how they drive.  You’ve even heard of people who can help you short cut the learning process and just plop you down in a new car with little or no effort that will do everything for you. 

However, you haven’t done it yourself, yet.  And furthermore, you’re getting confused as more an more people tell you how they do it.  Adding to that is the fact that you’ve learned and experienced just enough to think you might know what you are doing.  That’s danger time.

062207_plane-crash-004-747688.jpgSide note, and I apologize for this.  Did you know that most plane crashes occur with pilots who are between 80-150 hours of experience?  They think they know what they are doing.  What they really lack, however, is experience.  

Fine.  Fine.  Fine.  You’re kid is driving.  Planes are crashing.  I just want to invest in real estate!  Can you help me??!!??

kungfulegendcontinues.jpgYes.  I can.  And the first lesson is patience, young grasshopper.  Just because you have money doesn’t mean I have just the right property for you at this exact moment.  But I’ll turn it up. 

Why just yesterday I met with a banker who issues new construction loans for residential builders.  He knows of builders in financial straits and he’s going to pass my name along to them.  Maybe there is an opportunity in there, somewhere. 

I also know of pre-packaged properties in the Texas area, if you are so inclined.  Just drop me an email to learn more about that.  Real estate investing is about making a profit.  Whether you are a flipper or rehabber or pre-foreclosure person or better yet, a buy & holder.  The key is to find the right property that meets your criteria for a multitude of categories. 

Don’t rush into your next purchase.  If you are going to do that you can use any residential real estate agent.  I’m here to help you, as an adviser, make the best real estate investment possible at that particular time.


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2 responses to “Learning To Drive Is Like Learning To Invest

  1. Hey Chris, I really enjoyed that piece. My B.F. got his license before me and his mother won the yellow 1971 Maverick (with black hood stripe and AM radio) in a divorce…thus, our cruising wheels until I turned 16 and got use of my mom’s ’67 VW.
    Anyway, I know that’s not really what your piece was about but it sure did bring back the G.O. days…

  2. Geno,

    That car was a piece of, well, it was worth the $300 I paid for it. But it was mine and man was I proud!

    I would just close my eyes and pretend it was a Mustang.

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