Update, BBQ & Guesses


Please pardon the mess while BBQ Capital is still under construction.  You will note that the blogroll has been broken down into two categories;

  1. “Regular” real estate
  2. Real estate investment sites

You will also note that there are several new additions to the reading list.  Some I read often.  Some I just catch up on.  A couple I really, really like the content.  A couple I just really like the REALTOR.  Either way, you should visit and form your own opinions.


Arthur Bryant’s

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I took my 15 year old out to his very first visit of the original Arthur Bryant’s.  It’s located downtown not too far from the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.   As usual, the food was fabulous.  The line was incredibly long, however, what with all the visitors to our city wanting a taste of the food that has fed several Presidents including Jimmy Carter and Harry Truman.  (Though I notice he tends to only put up the photos of the Democrats.)  🙂

If you haven’t experienced AB’s you should.  It’s simply a cultural event to eat there.  The newer Arthur Bryant’s are good, too.  Just not the original.


This should be a very busy week for real estate investors.  In fact, the next couple of weeks could show us some really good values.  I’ll have to wait and see.  But I know I’m right. 

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