A new look…And a new address…

050917-f-3231d-072.jpgAs you can see BBQCapital now has a fresh new address.  Of course, change always comes with difficulty.  Most of the comments made it over and 99% of the posts.  But anything with a YouTube link, or the like, died on impact.   I don’t think most of the old photos made it, either. 

Please update your feedreaders and RSS to reflect this new WordPress address.  However, if you have www.bbqcapital.com as your current URL for me, then you should still be okay.

Bear with me as I work out the details.  Hopefully you’ll see some fresh new things as we move towards the New Year. 


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6 responses to “A new look…And a new address…

  1. Awesome Big Guy — you’ll like WordPress.

  2. rerevealed

    WordPress can kick Blogger’s *ss 🙂 Your new site is looking GREAT- told you you could do it!!!

  3. Fran White

    Hey Love the new Site!! It’s gorgeous. I added a link to you on my real blog too.

  4. Thank you, all. I appreciate it.

  5. Wow, Chris!!!
    You’re site looks awesome! I really like the new look. You have done a great job, and like Lani I think you are going to love WordPress.
    I’m honored you would want to throw my blog as a link on your site – thank you.

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