This Is War! Well, A Border War.

At the risk of losing any of my loyal real estate investment clients because of their misguided loyalty to the University of Missouri I have to take a stand right here, right now on the Border War coming up next Saturday night in Kansas City.

For those of you that need some background on this, the most fierce of rivalries, take a minute and read this article by Blair Kerkhoff titled Border War: An uncivil beginning to a great rivalry printed in today’s Kansas City Star.

I am urging publicly that Govenor Sebelius station Kansas National Guard troops on the border at State Line to be able to respond quickly to any danger the Kansas Jayhawk football team and/or their fans may face from the hostile Missouri crowd.

Why is this necessary? Three reasons:

  1. Kansas and Missouri have agreed to play the next several games against each other in Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium. Missouri soil. This offers us no protection from the descendants of Quantril and his raiders.
  2. They are Missourians. You cannot trust them.
  3. Alcohol will be served at the game.

Add those three things together and you can only have a recipe for disaster!!

Editor’s note: Most of this blog post is done tongue-in-cheek. Well, except for the part where you might figure I don’t like Missouri. While the rivalry is truly fierce, let us hope that people on both sides of the matter can accept a win with class and a loss with dignity. It will only take a few idiots from either side to ruin a great night in Kansas City next weekend. Please, show respect and restraint. Cheer for your side. Have a great time…oh, and know that KU will win. 🙂


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2 responses to “This Is War! Well, A Border War.

  1. Janet K

    Chris – Great post!! I think this rivalry is great for both teams. Even though I think MU will probably lose (it kills me to admit that), I am at least hoping for a good game. Hopefully whoever wins will go on to the National Championship game – even if it is you filthy Jayhawks! There will be jerks in the crowd for both teams, so please don’t characterize us all by a few drunken idiots!


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