A Missouri Property Manager…That’s Licensed.

As most of my frequent readers know I have often moaned and groaned about the fact that I have not been able to find a property manager in Missouri that:

  • Has an understanding of Missouri landlord/tenant law.
  • Knows that they have to be licensed in the state of Missouri AND complies.
  • Understands that I am a working REALTOR who works mostly with Kansas City real estate investors and that if they mess me over that will be the end of a lucrative partnership.

Well, I still have to go through all the materials they left me yesterday but I believe I may have found one, Advantage Homes. Funny thing is, I didn’t find them, they found me. They found one of my blogs lamenting the fact that I cannot find anyone I can trust fully.

Side Note: I even had one dude here in the Kansas City area that works with real estate investors and manages properties. Now, aside from my basic belief that you cannot do both extremely well – maybe somewhat well, or kinda well, but not extremely – he told me, yes told me, that if I referred my investors to him for property management that he would now consider them his customers. And besides, after they worked with him they wouldn’t want to work with me, anyway! Seriously? I won’t name the guy. But what an ass.

Property management in Missouri has been my Achilles heel. Now I won’t have to “temporarily” manage these properties for my real estate investor clients. I can, in good conscious, turn them over to a professional property manager.

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