Why Are All Register Recipts Two Feet Long?

What I want to know is how much of our national forest is being devastated so that each and every purchase in America can take place with the customer receiving, in return for their hard earned money, both merchandise and a two to three feet of register receipt?

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I pay for everything with my Visa card that subtracts immediately from my checking account. So I have to keep the receipts. Easier said than done when you stop at the local CVS for a pack of gum, deodorant and razors that cost $11.27 with tax and then you are presented with 18″ of coupons, advertisements, who the manager is, etc.

Pardon me, but where the hell is the amount I paid? Can’t I just get that?

I’ve taken to ripping off the top 3″-5″ with the important stuff like the amount paid and the date and company and just leaving the rest with the register person who ALWAYS looks at me dumbfounded.

Now, I realize this has nothing to do with real estate investing. But I’m telling you I’m not the only one that has noticed this disturbing trend that I am sure is going to bring down Western Civilization.

Sorry for the rant. But I do feel better. 🙂


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2 responses to “Why Are All Register Recipts Two Feet Long?

  1. The Center for Improved Living

    this is fantastic! If you would like to help me organize a national protest for this, that would be great. Let me know – marc at ineedtostopsoon dot com.


  2. Chris Lengquist

    We should hop on this right after we settle that little disturbance over in Darfur. I would think that should be top priority.

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