Myths of the Real Estate Investing REALTOR

Here are a few myths that need to be dispelled about my abilities. I’m doing the best I can. But I’m only human. This just happens to be my full time profession. Well, that and rasing four kids!

  • I cannot tell the future any better than you can when it comes appreciation, foreclosures, etc. (I can use market data to tell you historical trends.)
  • When negotiating I cannot tell you the exact thought process of the opposing party. (I can give you best “guesses” based on experience, suspected motivation and deduction.)
  • I cannot control the behavior of the opposing party or their REALTOR advocate. (I can be a buffer between you and them and give sound, reasonable arguments as to why you are making the offer or counter offer you are making.)
  • I cannot find income houses that fit your criteria if your criteria is not realistic. (No, there are no brand new duplexes selling for $150,000 here in Kansas City that have 100% occupancy and rent for $900 a side. At least not that I’m aware of.)
  • I cannot control the market. (I realize you want $300,000 for your property. I get that. But the market says it’s worth $250,000. I’m not saying that, the market is.)

Of course, I could go on. Here’s the deal, if you are an experience real estate investor here in the Kansas City market you may have a lot of the same opinions on property that I do. We may even come to a lot of the same conclusions. But wouldn’t you be wise before making any sizable investment purchase to compare notes and have a neutral set of eyes looking at your potential deal.

And if you are brand new at real estate investing, even if it’s new to investing in the Kansas City market, you really do need the expertise of a REALTOR advocate. One that knows the Kansas City market. One that knows real estate investing.

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