Changing Relationships

I love it when I see real growth out of my clients. I had about a twenty minute conversation this evening with a gentleman I helped to buy his very first home three years ago. I said his first home. Not his first real estate investment property.

Today, he owns more property than I do. Seven to be exact. He had called for some advice regarding a particular concern he had. Hopefully I got him the answer he needed. But as we talked I asked him questions and gained insight to some things he was doing.

It seems I’m still his mentor in many ways. I’m about 16 years older. I’ve been working with real estate longer. And the advice of mine that he has followed has really provided him with some sweet, sweet equity positions. But I feel the relationship changing. Changing for the better.

It’s a lot like when I talk with my fifteen year old, now. There was a time when I told him everything he needed to know. I helped him get dressed. I helped him fight his fights. Now I sit back amazed at the path he is taking. The answers he comes up with himself. Amazed at the man he is becoming.

Sure, I’m still there to say “what about this” now and again. But my role isn’t so much to dictate as it is to advise. My boys, both literally and figuratively, are growing up.

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