College Basketball Experience: A Hall Of Fame For College Basketball

The College Basketball Experience updated 7.23.2008.  See below. 
Frequent readers of this blog know my passion and love for the game of college basketball and my beloved Kansas Jayhawks. Today is a special day in Kansas City and around the country for those that love the game of college basketball. The College Basketball Experience opened today. It’s adjacent to the new Sprint Center and it’s fantastic.

There is no way I’m going to do the place justice with one blog post. Let me just say that if you live in and around Kansas City you need to check this place out. Tickets are just $10.00 for adults and you will get your money’s worth even if you are just a casual fan.
Upstairs I got to:
  • Shoot baskets against a clock.
  • Take free throws staring into the Illinois student section.
  • Listen to the crowd groan when I missed a last second three for the win.

I passed on the dunking areas. Unless I can do it on the 10′ rim I don’t see the point. And that wasn’t going to happen. My heart raced, my breathing grew heavy and I worked up a sweat pretending I had any talent what-so-ever. After evaluating my performance, it’s no wonder Larry Brown didn’t spend any time recruiting me.

There are photos of everybody and anybody who has left their mark on college basketball. There are computer screens everywhere to hear from your favorite coaches. There are areas for the little ones to get into the game, too.

Make the trip to Kansas City and make sure you visit The College Basketball Experience. It is sure to be an attraction in our city that will bring folks from around the world that love college basketball.


update:  The College Basketball experience is still a total blast!  Today I took my four kids ages 3 thru 15 and they all had great fun.  Total cost for the five of us?  $31.00.  Reasonable for an hour and a half’s entertainment.  The kids loved the display where you had 5 seconds to run to a spot and shoot before time expired. 

As usual, I loved reading all the history on the walls.  And with the Kansas Jayhawks winning the 2008 National Championship there were updated photos and trophies and everything.  A big treat for a guy like me.

I love the history and present of college basketball.  We all know I’m a nut for the Jayhawks.  But people are constantly amazed at my knowledge about their schools, as well.  Some people collect stamps.  Some people build boats.  I watch and read about college basketball.  It’s a great experience.

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