Real Estate Values & Expansion

A basic tenet of real estate theory is that anywhere there is job growth real estate will be more in demand. As there is more demand, there is pressure for prices to rise. Less demand usually follows jobs fleeing an area. The people will follow leaving a downward pressure on housing.

How does this relate to real estate investing in Olathe, Kansas? Just thought you would like to know that Olathe’s Garmin, Inc, the world headquarters of the GPS leader, is expanding again just a few years after completing their new headquarters.

Also, Olathe still predicts a near doubling in population over the next twenty years. A commercial agent I know says light industry and warehouse space is going quickly.

Just thought I would share.


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2 responses to “Real Estate Values & Expansion


    Great Post! As an appraiser this is one of my better liked topics. I am firm follower of this theory. Coming from Michigan it seems to hold true.

    Thanks for the great read!

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