Sprint Center + Ticketmaster = Corruption

Okay, so Garth Brooks tickets went on sale 6 minutes ago. By 10:00 they said no tickets available online. Now I have 3 computers all refreshing by the second and a phone dialer (who never got through) and we’ve been doing this since 9:58 am as I’m sure thousands of others were. But are you telling me that at 10:00 am when the tickets went on sale that they were already sold out?
How exactly is this thing working? How do you sell 18,000 seats in less than 30 seconds? Were 18,000 really available or was it like the Hannah Montana fiasco where they only made 4,000 available to the “regular” people?
I’m sure Brooks will add concerts. But will the public have a fair shot at them? Or will they go to people hand picked by the Sprint Center, Wal-Mart and Ticketmaster from out of town. My guess is the latter. It will bring in great tax revenue for the city. But the people who voted to fund this thing really don’t have much of a chance. Granted, I live in Olathe so I didn’t vote or pay a tax (yet, they’ll get me at the Power & Light District) but it’s still frustrating.

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