House Alarms: Annoying or Helpful?

Am I the only one who finds house alarms more annoying than helpful? Seriously, I fear nothing more than opening the door for a client and not having been told that there is an active alarm.

This actually happened to me once. The sellers forgot there was going to be a showing and set their alarm. An honest mistake to be sure. But a gigantic waste of time for both myself and my buyer as we stumble around trying to figure out what to do.

Should we wait for the police? Whom do we call? Darn, the seller isn’t answering! Now what? Do we just leave? Sorry, it’s hard to see the features of a house when a horn is blaring in your ear.

I’m quite certain that alarms have saved people’s lives…somewhere. Usually they just go off on accident and annoy the neighbors whose baby was trying to sleep. At least that’s been my experience here in Johnson County, Kansas.

Next subject: Why does Tulsa (how crime ridden can it be?) have so many gated communities?

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