Real Estate Investment Analysis Is Not Sexy

Some people think I live a pretty exciting life. Ah, the world of real estate investing. Living the in the life of the BMW driving & Starbucks swilling elite of Kansas City.

If only it were that cool.

Let’s see. First I left the house earlier than usual to meet a contractor at a house getting a rehab job. Then it was off to meet an HVAC guy to inspect a furnace. Afterwards, I stopped by two duplexes I needed to see to examine whether or not to tell my clients about. Then I did grab lunch (Arby’s – I used a coupon for the Jamoca shake) on my way to a closing.

Family responsibilities came next. Dinner, football practice and tickle time with the girls. Then off to the home office to run numbers on 4 properties so I can send them off to a client tomorrow morning.

That’s right. I ran numbers for an hour. Examining expenses, income and forecasting future repairs, appreciation and rent rates. Figuring equity rates of return, cap rates and cash on cash.

Pretty exciting, huh? No. But that is why you don’t see any HGTV or A&E programs about the real estate investors that buy right, rent at good to great rates and then sell when appropriate. When is appropriate? I don’t really know at this point. But I’ll tell you when you get there. Maybe 3 years. Probably closer to 5-7 years. Rest assured, I’ll let you know when the time is right.

Real estate investment analysis is not sexy. But if you want to have a retirement worth having, it’s necessary.

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  1. Jeff Brown

    I really miss ‘tickle time’. đŸ™‚ I could come home just an hour before bedtime, but after playing with my kids, and laughing ’till our tummies hurt, all the day’s tensions became steam in the air.

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