Running A Test Here: Nothing To Do With Investing

Copyritin’ Policy– RE Revealed has a style of its own and while most people will be able to tell that you’ve stolen material, others are dense so you mayget away with it for a minute or two. Any text from RE Revealed regurgitated elsewhere is considered a copyright violation and is subject to the guillotine. In seriousness, all material on RE Revealed is considered exclusive intellectual property of each author and any publication of content originating from RE Revealed without expressed written consent from is forbidden and any reuse will be found. Brief quotations with a trackback to making the source of the quote clear is permitted. Long story short- we have Violator Sniffing Dogs all over the Interweb and we will find you, expose you and likely sue you for copyright violation. Just move on, pirate!


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9 responses to “Running A Test Here: Nothing To Do With Investing

  1. Athol Kay

    LMAO that’s brillant Chris.

    I put my terms and conditions up about six months ago…

  2. Chris Lengquist

    The clock is running…I’m awaiting Lani’s response. I assume it won’t be pretty. 🙂

  3. Brian Brady

    You’re gonna get tased.

  4. Chris Lengquist

    I’m half expecting BR to shut my blog down through some magic web voodoo.

  5. Athol Kay

    Just checking back to see if the axe fell…

  6. RE Revealed

    So 67 blogs in my feed reader + 2 days of no reading = 287 unread blogs AND unread Google alerts, etc.

    That said, (1) Chris, you suck and I think you now owe me your first born (2) with the minor slowdown in the market, BR is encouraging me to call the lawyer to make a quick buck. Brian’s right- next time I see you… ZZZZZAAAAAPPPPP, you’ll be peeing as you cry “don’t tase me, ladybro!”

    I hatez you so hard.

  7. Chris Lengquist

    First. That was rather impressive. Less than 26 hours to get busted.

    Second. You can have the first born. He’s almost to college age. You can pay for that.

    Third. I believe with written threats I may be able to contact the authorities. 🙂

  8. Lani Anglin

    OMG I’m still laughing!!!!!! Chris you are too dang funny!!!!

  9. Brian Brady

    I told you she’d tase ya.

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