Everywhere I Go People Ask About Real Estate

There are some folks out there that think real estate agents make too much money. That is funny to me. Usually (always) these people work at some job where they put in their 40 and go home. Complain about their job they do. (Did you catch the Yoda structure of that sentence?)

Anyway, the point is that I’m out socializing last evening and all anyone wants to talk about is the current real estate market. I’m out at my son’s football game Saturday night and I get two phone calls regarding real estate matters. The phone almost always rings when I’m having dinner with my family. And while I ignore it until I’m finished eating everyone hears it and it’s on their minds.

So “some folks” may not like what I’m gonna say here but “Mind your own damn business and if you want to make more money do something different. And quit worrying about what I make or don’t make.”

These same “some folks” aren’t feeling bad for me when I’ve invested a thousand dollars in time and money and a seller decides not to sell. Or drive a buyer around to 10 houses and they decided not to buy. So quit chastising me when times are good for me.

Okay, I feel better.

While I’m ranting, Blogger no longer seems to allow me to dump certain comments. Why? I got spammed over the weekend by some “person” with nothing better to do than add links from my blog. I’d love to dump them. If the jerk, er person, keeps spamming I’ll have to turn on comment moderation and nobody wants that.

So two things;

  1. Blogger, put the trash cans back on my comments section so I can get rid of these stupid ads that no one will read anyway.
  2. Spammers, leave me alone and get your own readership.

(Can you tell the Chiefs got killed yesterday with no hope for the season? Looks like I’ll have to spend my football season rooting for the Washington Redskins and against the Raiders.)


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3 responses to “Everywhere I Go People Ask About Real Estate

  1. Chris Lengquist

    I’ll comment here myself – apparently my rant to Blogger was bad on my part. I found that there is a procedure I must go through but I finally figured it out so the spams are gone. Now good riddance to all spammers.

  2. Lani Anglin

    Chris, this is a really great article! I find it interesting that anyone you come across is willing to ask you market condition questions, how to invest money in their home to increase future profit, etc even if you’re not their Realtor. Part of your job is to know these things and dispense them to your clients when they are in the process of a transaction.

    However, the people that will stop your hurried rush out of the market with RE questions (which I know you and I know you answer with a smile on your face) (AND they are instantly asking you to “work” since knowing these things are your job) are the same people who get irrtated that Realtors make ANY commission at all. Go figure.

  3. Chris Lengquist


    Sort of like when I see my doctor in the parking lot and I ask her about my ankle… 😉

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