You MUST HAVE A Real Estate License To Manage Property In KC, Unless…

Okay. Let’s put an end to the question of whether or not you need a real estate license in the State of Missouri in order to hold yourself out as a property manager.

As I said in an earlier post today I called the Missouri Real Estate Commission at 573.751.2628 and left a message concerning this whole issue. A few minutes ago Joe Dinkler with MOREC called me back and said that I can quote him. But since I don’t have a tape recorder or a photographic memory, I’ll summarize.

(By the way, the photo above is probably a little harsh.)

In order to offer for rent, rent or hold any kind of rents in the State of Missouri you must be a licensed real estate sales person or broker. Unless… The only unless offered by Mr. Dinkler was unless the person doing those duties was an EMPLOYEE of the property owner. And an employee is not someone who is under contract with an investment property owner.

ANY third party transactions must use a licensee. He went on to state that there is a lot of confusion in the Kansas City area because Kansas does not require a property manager to be licensed. (Until they reach a certain threshold. – My words, not his.)

I hope this clears up the issue. I wish I weren’t right. Mr. Dinkler says he answers that question almost everyday. Feel free to call him if you wish.

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