Property Management In Kansas City

I have got to tell you, good to great property management in Kansas City is very difficult to find!

I’ve been actively looking for a quality property manager in Kansas City, Missouri for quite some time. I can recommend some good property management companies in Kansas. Just not Missouri. Here is my problem.
The last four, I said 4 (quatro, for my Spanish readers), property management firms I ‘ve spoken to who are willing to take on more clients in Missouri are not licensed.
“You have to have a license?” is the standard response.
Jeez. If I have to tell you that Missouri is different than Kansas in that a property manager must have a real estate license to do business, any business in Missouri, then I’m not filled with confidence that you understand the rest of the landlord-tenant laws in Missouri.
I have half a mind to start a full fledged property management firm. Talk about a need. I could be at 100 units before January 1. I’m convinced of it. (Oh boy. I can hear Jeff Brown now.)
Seriously, if you are a quality property manager who is legally operating in Missouri and would like to discuss how we can do business, give me a call. Otherwise, you illegals are about to get competition. And I know how to make phone calls to Jefferson City. That will eliminate a lot of my competition right there!


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7 responses to “Property Management In Kansas City

  1. Jeff Brown

    Can you spell I-N-T-E-R-V-E-N-T-I-O-N?

  2. Chris Lengquist

    I knew that would be your answer in some form or the other. And at this point I’m not really looking into starting a PM firm.

    However, w/o solid property management in place for Missouri it really cuts down my ability to recommend some properties to a very important part of my client base. (And perhaps yours?)

    So it greatly concerns me.

    By the way – if you are a reader and you have someone you’d like to recommend…I’m listening.

  3. Derek Guyer

    Funny, I was just getting ready to talk about how vital property management is to good long term investing on my site.

    I had several issues with them for my investors for quite a while and am now working with two different property managers who seem to actually be doing what they said they were going to do.


  4. Laine MacTague

    Are you SURE it is necessary to be licensed in MO? My MO RE advisor says no.
    I’m sure one of you is, but until I get to know both of you better, I have no idea which of you is right about this. Where do I go if I want to hear directly from the horse on this one, rather than watch all you Realtor types have an “I’m-right” fight?

  5. Chris Lengquist


    I’m going to an appointment shortly. But later tonight I’ll look up the statute and post it here for you. I have it on the hard drive somewhere.

    Thanks for the question. Hope all is well for you. How is the bike riding?

  6. Chris Lengquist

    From the Missouri Real Estate Commission Statutes and Rules

    339.010. Definitions–applicability of chapter.
    1. A “real estate broker” is any person, partnership, association or corporation, foreign or domestic who, for another, and
    for a compensation or valuable consideration, as a whole or partial vocation, does, or attempts to do, any or all of the
    (1) Sells, exchanges, purchases, rents, or leases real estate;
    (2) Offers to sell, exchange, purchase, rent or lease real estate;
    (3) Negotiates or offers or agrees to negotiate the sale, exchange, purchase, rental or leasing of real estate;
    (4) Lists or offers or agrees to list real estate for sale, lease, rental or exchange;


    339.020. Brokers and salespersons, unlawful to act without license.
    It shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, association or corporation, foreign or domestic, to act as a real estate broker
    or real estate salesperson, or to advertise or assume to act as such without a license first procured from the commissionh.

    Now unless I’m reading this wrong…

  7. Cynthia

    Have you found a great property management company yet? One in which will appreciate your referrals?

    Advantage Homes LLC (dba Advantage Homes for Lease) is a LICENSED property management company located in the heart of Shawnee Mission.

    We service all of the Kansas City Metro area, with single family rental homes, duplexes, townhomes, and more!

    Visit our website,; as a fellow RE agent we would love to build a lucrative business relationship.

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